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“The Upward Look”

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List of chapters in “The Upward Look”

Chapter Date Title
UL 1 01-Jan-18 Look Heavenward
UL 2 02-Jan-18 The Need for a Reformation
UL 3 03-Jan-18 Victors Through Christ
UL 4 04-Jan-18 In Search of Truth
UL 5 05-Jan-18 The Holy Spirit Agrees With the Word
UL 6 06-Jan-18 Light Versus Darkness
UL 7 07-Jan-18 Where Shall We Invest?
UL 8 08-Jan-18 Prayer and Practice Must Be United
UL 9 09-Jan-18 God Stoops to Listen
UL 10 10-Jan-18 Keep the Pattern Before You
UL 11 11-Jan-18 The Choice is Ours
UL 12 12-Jan-18 Christ, the Mighty Healer
UL 13 13-Jan-18 When Truth is an Abiding Principle
UL 14 14-Jan-18 The Perfume of Christ's Character in You
UL 15 15-Jan-18 Consecrated Money
UL 16 16-Jan-18 The Results of Inner Renewal
UL 17 17-Jan-18 Love as Christ Loves
UL 18 18-Jan-18 Resist the Devil
UL 19 19-Jan-18 The Family a Symbol
UL 20 20-Jan-18 Help Only in Christ
UL 21 21-Jan-18 The Life that Lasts
UL 22 22-Jan-18 I am a Child of God
UL 23 23-Jan-18 Infallible Assurance
UL 24 24-Jan-18 Gladness, not Gloom
UL 25 25-Jan-18 Our Competent Saviour
UL 26 26-Jan-18 Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves
UL 27 27-Jan-18 Our Long
UL 28 28-Jan-18 The Keeping Power of God
UL 29 29-Jan-18 Forgiving Freely
UL 30 30-Jan-18 Strength for Today
UL 31 31-Jan-18 Immortal Inheritance
UL 32 01-Feb-18 God's Plans are Perfect
UL 33 02-Feb-18 Live in Harmony with Heaven
UL 34 03-Feb-18 Not My Will, but Thine
UL 35 04-Feb-18 Today is the Day of Salvation
UL 36 05-Feb-18 Time to Wake Up!
UL 37 06-Feb-18 Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide
UL 38 07-Feb-18 The Bible
UL 39 08-Feb-18 Christ is Our Only Hope
UL 40 09-Feb-18 Choose Ye Each Day
UL 41 10-Feb-18 Show Yourself a Man
UL 42 11-Feb-18 Yokes
UL 43 12-Feb-18 Christ's Life Touched People
UL 44 13-Feb-18 Laborers Needed for the Harvest
UL 45 14-Feb-18 Reformation in the Heart
UL 46 15-Feb-18 Faith and Action
UL 47 16-Feb-18 Recount God's Goodness
UL 48 17-Feb-18 A Living Connection With the Living God
UL 49 18-Feb-18 The Worth of a Soul
UL 50 19-Feb-18 Receiving His Righteousness
UL 51 20-Feb-18 Trials Will Come
UL 52 21-Feb-18 Genuine Christianity
UL 53 22-Feb-18 Christ Lived a Life of Humble Obedience
UL 54 23-Feb-18 Angel Companions
UL 55 24-Feb-18 Stand Fast in the Faith
UL 56 25-Feb-18 God's Standard is Perfect
UL 57 26-Feb-18 Put on the Armor of Christ
UL 58 27-Feb-18 Exercise Increases Faith
UL 59 28-Feb-18 Walk by Faith, Not by Sight
UL 60 01-Mar-18 Who is King?
UL 61 02-Mar-18 Mix Faith With Hearing
UL 62 03-Mar-18 God Calls For Workers
UL 63 04-Mar-18 Let Them Grow Together
UL 64 05-Mar-18 Resurrection Power Now
UL 65 06-Mar-18 Work, For the Night Cometh
UL 66 07-Mar-18 Prayer--The Secret of Power
UL 67 08-Mar-18 Make God First, Last, and Best in Everything
UL 68 09-Mar-18 The Plan of Battle Revealed
UL 69 10-Mar-18 Let This Mind Be in You
UL 70 11-Mar-18 The Ministry of Angels
UL 71 12-Mar-18 God's Work
UL 72 13-Mar-18 Searching the Scriptures
UL 73 14-Mar-18 God, the Guardian of Justice and Mercy
UL 74 15-Mar-18 Time for Action
UL 75 16-Mar-18 God's Grace Gives Power to Overcome
UL 76 17-Mar-18 We May Overcome as Christ Overcame
UL 77 18-Mar-18 Call for Workers
UL 78 19-Mar-18 Never Go Back on Your Commitment
UL 79 20-Mar-18 Jealousy and Avarice Rebuked
UL 80 21-Mar-18 Religion in the Home
UL 81 22-Mar-18 Seeing with Heavenly Insight
UL 82 23-Mar-18 God, the Revealer of Secrets
UL 83 24-Mar-18 Gifted with a Higher Nature
UL 84 25-Mar-18 Christ Taught from Nature
UL 85 26-Mar-18 Our Christian Experience Must Be Animated
UL 86 27-Mar-18 The Commission is Ours
UL 87 28-Mar-18 God is with His People
UL 88 29-Mar-18 Continual Advancement
UL 89 30-Mar-18 Our Study Now and in the Hereafter
UL 90 31-Mar-18 Christlike Love Blends Heart with Heart
UL 91 01-Apr-18 Form Characters for Heaven
UL 92 02-Apr-18 Live in Union With Christ
UL 93 03-Apr-18 Seek Divine, Not Human, Counsel
UL 94 04-Apr-18 How God Guides His Children
UL 95 05-Apr-18 Things Thou Knowest Not
UL 96 06-Apr-18 The Harvest of the Cross
UL 97 07-Apr-18 Seeing the Invisible
UL 98 08-Apr-18 Go Work in My Vineyard
UL 99 09-Apr-18 Sacrifice as Christ Sacrificed
UL 100 10-Apr-18 Shunning Satan's Snares
UL 101 11-Apr-18 The Influence of Mind on Mind
UL 102 12-Apr-18 Meeting and Mastering Difficulties
UL 103 13-Apr-18 We Have a Perfect Pattern
UL 104 14-Apr-18 Nature is Our Lesson Book
UL 105 15-Apr-18 Turn to God While There is Time
UL 106 16-Apr-18 Cultivating a Christlike Character
UL 107 17-Apr-18 Trust Your Brethren
UL 108 18-Apr-18 Christ Loves the Sinner
UL 109 19-Apr-18 Draw with Christ
UL 110 20-Apr-18 True Sanctification
UL 111 21-Apr-18 The Word of God Your Guide
UL 112 22-Apr-18 True Love Cannot Be Hidden
UL 113 23-Apr-18 Learning From Christ
UL 114 24-Apr-18 Glorify God, Not Man
UL 115 25-Apr-18 Cultivate the Christian Virtues
UL 116 26-Apr-18 Follow the Lord's Directions
UL 117 27-Apr-18 God Has His Chosen People
UL 118 28-Apr-18 Take the Cup of Salvation
UL 119 29-Apr-18 Go Forward
UL 120 30-Apr-18 The Great Exemplar
UL 121 01-May-18 Satanic Subtlety
UL 122 02-May-18 Who is the Greatest?
UL 123 03-May-18 In the World But Not of the World
UL 124 04-May-18 Kept in the Love of the Truth
UL 125 05-May-18 The Christian's Legacy
UL 126 06-May-18 Right or Wrong Side
UL 127 07-May-18 Christ Calls for Unity
UL 128 08-May-18 When Mistakes are Made
UL 129 09-May-18 Pray for the Holy Spirit
UL 130 10-May-18 Take Christ at His Word
UL 131 11-May-18 Follow the Great Exemplar
UL 132 12-May-18 Practice Good Work Habits
UL 133 13-May-18 Counsel to Women
UL 134 14-May-18 There is a Safe Path
UL 135 15-May-18 The Need for Unity
UL 136 16-May-18 Cure for Guilt and Depression
UL 137 17-May-18 Are You Preparing for Heaven?
UL 138 18-May-18 Beware Seductive Theories
UL 139 19-May-18 Oneness with Christ
UL 140 20-May-18 By Their Fruits
UL 141 21-May-18 Christ Intercedes for You
UL 142 22-May-18 God in Nature
UL 143 23-May-18 How is it with My Soul?
UL 144 24-May-18 What is the Source of Your Fire?
UL 145 25-May-18 Behold Him!
UL 146 26-May-18 More than a Prophet
UL 147 27-May-18 Read the Book of Daniel
UL 148 28-May-18 We cannot Do Without God
UL 149 29-May-18 Make Home a Bit of Heaven
UL 150 30-May-18 To an Aged Sister
UL 151 31-May-18 Christ's Work and Our Work
UL 152 01-Jun-18 Never Yield Christian Principle
UL 153 02-Jun-18 Nature's Lesson Book
UL 154 03-Jun-18 Be Strong
UL 155 04-Jun-18 Light Comes in Bright Rays
UL 156 05-Jun-18 Why God Permits Unsettling Experiences
UL 157 06-Jun-18 Now Is the Time: Arise and Shine
UL 158 07-Jun-18 Called to Glory and Virtue
UL 159 08-Jun-18 All May Win
UL 160 09-Jun-18 The Divine Physician Prescribes
UL 161 10-Jun-18 God Requires the Whole Heart
UL 162 11-Jun-18 To Whom Shall I Confess?
UL 163 12-Jun-18 God's Hand is on the Wheel
UL 164 13-Jun-18 A Home of Everlasting Sunshine
UL 165 14-Jun-18 Every Man is Given His Work
UL 166 15-Jun-18 Today
UL 167 16-Jun-18 Look to Jesus Christ
UL 168 17-Jun-18 Are You a Fruitful Branch?
UL 169 18-Jun-18 Human Wisdom is Foolishness
UL 170 19-Jun-18 We Are One with the Church in Heaven
UL 171 20-Jun-18 God Helps Us Accomplish His Will
UL 172 21-Jun-18 God Can Use "Inferior" Workers
UL 173 22-Jun-18 Let God Work His Will in You
UL 174 23-Jun-18 Lessons from the Barren Fig Tree
UL 175 24-Jun-18 Ye Visited Me
UL 176 25-Jun-18 Preparing for Heaven
UL 177 26-Jun-18 Christ's Love Cannot Be Measured
UL 178 27-Jun-18 For What Are You Preparing?
UL 179 28-Jun-18 More Like Christ Every Day
UL 180 29-Jun-18 Power of the Gospel
UL 181 30-Jun-18 God's Plans Are Simple
UL 182 01-Jul-18 Standing by Principle
UL 183 02-Jul-18 Keep Climbing
UL 184 03-Jul-18 The Light of the World
UL 185 04-Jul-18 Our Sanctuary Doctrine
UL 186 05-Jul-18 Eternal Vigilance
UL 187 06-Jul-18 The Measure of Divine Attention
UL 188 07-Jul-18 Have You Found Your Bearings?
UL 189 08-Jul-18 Revelations of the Judgment
UL 190 09-Jul-18 Developing Characters for Heaven
UL 191 10-Jul-18 Be a Faithful Householder
UL 192 11-Jul-18 Balanced Christian Development
UL 193 12-Jul-18 God Is in Every Place
UL 194 13-Jul-18 Seek Wisdom from Above
UL 195 14-Jul-18 Wonderful Transaction
UL 196 15-Jul-18 Sanctify to God the Talent of Speech
UL 197 16-Jul-18 Cast thy Burden Upon the Lord
UL 198 17-Jul-18 Our Merciful God
UL 199 18-Jul-18 Bring God's Word Unto the Very Life
UL 200 19-Jul-18 Christ's Minutemen
UL 201 20-Jul-18 Thy Word is a Lamp
UL 202 21-Jul-18 Judge Not
UL 203 22-Jul-18 Christ is our Pattern
UL 204 23-Jul-18 Christian Perfection
UL 205 24-Jul-18 Forgiveness Full and Free
UL 206 25-Jul-18 No Peace at Any Price
UL 207 26-Jul-18 Obedience is the Price
UL 208 27-Jul-18 Hope Thou in God
UL 209 28-Jul-18 Christ's Death Brings Life
UL 210 29-Jul-18 Eating the Leaves of the Tree of Life
UL 211 30-Jul-18 Love as Brethren
UL 212 31-Jul-18 I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
UL 213 01-Aug-18 Let the Holy Spirit Control
UL 214 02-Aug-18 Enoch Pleased God
UL 215 03-Aug-18 The Great Medical Missionary
UL 216 04-Aug-18 True Soldiers of Christ
UL 217 05-Aug-18 False Sanctification
UL 218 06-Aug-18 Written for Our Admonition
UL 219 07-Aug-18 Only One Light to Illuminate the Way
UL 220 08-Aug-18 What God Condemns Is Not Safe
UL 221 09-Aug-18 Follow Christ's Example of Sacrifice
UL 222 10-Aug-18 Gracious Words Needed
UL 223 11-Aug-18 Daily Consecration
UL 224 12-Aug-18 Christ Has Power for Us
UL 225 13-Aug-18 Remove the Rubbish of Criticism
UL 226 14-Aug-18 Need for Reformation
UL 227 15-Aug-18 Promise of Divine Help
UL 228 16-Aug-18 We Are Christ's Representatives
UL 229 17-Aug-18 Using Your Talent of Influence
UL 230 18-Aug-18 Faith That Distinguishes
UL 231 19-Aug-18 Let Us Be Overcomers Here
UL 232 20-Aug-18 Follow the Great Teacher
UL 233 21-Aug-18 Build on the Rock
UL 234 22-Aug-18 Get Acquainted with God
UL 235 23-Aug-18 Keep God's Glory in View
UL 236 24-Aug-18 Faithfulness in Little Things
UL 237 25-Aug-18 Depart from the Fog of Skepticism
UL 238 26-Aug-18 Christ Purges for a Reason
UL 239 27-Aug-18 Dare to be Like Daniel
UL 240 28-Aug-18 The Third Angel's Message is Sure
UL 241 29-Aug-18 Heaven Gave Its Most Costly Treasure
UL 242 30-Aug-18 Christ the Ladder
UL 243 31-Aug-18 Christ Holds the Standard High
UL 244 01-Sep-18 What Would Jesus Do?
UL 245 02-Sep-18 The Uses of Adversity
UL 246 03-Sep-18 Mystery of the Incarnation
UL 247 04-Sep-18 Scenes of the Second Advent
UL 248 05-Sep-18 The Battle Over God's Law
UL 249 06-Sep-18 Insights into the Easter Story
UL 250 07-Sep-18 Witnessing to Others
UL 251 08-Sep-18 Help for the Conflict Promised
UL 252 09-Sep-18 Courage in the Lord
UL 253 10-Sep-18 The Life of Continual Victory
UL 254 11-Sep-18 Keep Looking Up
UL 255 12-Sep-18 Self Must Die
UL 256 13-Sep-18 Avoid Debates and Sharp Thrusts
UL 257 14-Sep-18 The Unity Christ is Looking for
UL 258 15-Sep-18 The Solemnity of the Final Judgment
UL 259 16-Sep-18 To Every Man His Work
UL 260 17-Sep-18 The Cities are to be Warned
UL 261 18-Sep-18 The Working Member
UL 262 19-Sep-18 Have Faith in God
UL 263 20-Sep-18 A Message for the World
UL 264 21-Sep-18 The God of Science and Revelation
UL 265 22-Sep-18 Stand Fast in God
UL 266 23-Sep-18 Jesus Listens to the Contrite
UL 267 24-Sep-18 God's Church a Temple
UL 268 25-Sep-18 How to Meet Temptation
UL 269 26-Sep-18 Preparation for the Latter Rain
UL 270 27-Sep-18 Holier, Holier Still
UL 271 28-Sep-18 Two Spirits in the World
UL 272 29-Sep-18 Let God's Spirit Do the Fashioning
UL 273 30-Sep-18 Get Ready for the Latter Rain
UL 274 01-Oct-18 Let Down Your Net
UL 275 02-Oct-18 Praise God In Spite of Trials
UL 276 03-Oct-18 Seek Divine Not Human Wisdom
UL 277 04-Oct-18 Our Accountability
UL 278 05-Oct-18 Service to God Begins on Earth
UL 279 06-Oct-18 How the Leaven of Evil Works
UL 280 07-Oct-18 Trust God's Words, Not Man's
UL 281 08-Oct-18 The Meaning of Communion with God
UL 282 09-Oct-18 Take No Glory to Self
UL 283 10-Oct-18 Prepared as the Morning
UL 284 11-Oct-18 Character is Tested
UL 285 12-Oct-18 How God Looks at Sin
UL 286 13-Oct-18 No One Goes Alone to Heaven
UL 287 14-Oct-18 Justice will Take the Throne
UL 288 15-Oct-18 Children are God's Property
UL 289 16-Oct-18 Abide in Christ
UL 290 17-Oct-18 Have You Accepted the Invitation?
UL 291 18-Oct-18 Christ, Our Example in Labor for Others
UL 292 19-Oct-18 Cheer Up! Speak Words of Courage
UL 293 20-Oct-18 Overcoming Power Promised
UL 294 21-Oct-18 He Must Increase
UL 295 22-Oct-18 The Gospel Is Powerful
UL 296 23-Oct-18 No Middle Path to Paradise
UL 297 24-Oct-18 Heaven, the Christian's Summer
UL 298 25-Oct-18 Believe and Receive
UL 299 26-Oct-18 Christ Spoke Truth
UL 300 27-Oct-18 Think Trust, Not Trouble
UL 301 28-Oct-18 Be Singular
UL 302 29-Oct-18 Nature Imperfectly Reveals God
UL 303 30-Oct-18 Satan's Latter
UL 304 31-Oct-18 God Does Not Change
UL 305 01-Nov-18 Accept the Saviour's Plan
UL 306 02-Nov-18 Blessed Assurance
UL 307 03-Nov-18 Take Your Stand on Christ's Side
UL 308 04-Nov-18 Heaven's Sun Shines Through His Followers
UL 309 05-Nov-18 Christ Came to Reveal God
UL 310 06-Nov-18 Be a Cheerful Christian
UL 311 07-Nov-18 Promise to the Overcomer
UL 312 08-Nov-18 The Great I Am
UL 313 09-Nov-18 Worship Nature's God
UL 314 10-Nov-18 Take the Cup of Salvation
UL 315 11-Nov-18 Look to Jesus, Not to Others
UL 316 12-Nov-18 Our Father's Business
UL 317 13-Nov-18 How Would You Have Answered?
UL 318 14-Nov-18 Perfect Footprints
UL 319 15-Nov-18 In Full Assurance of Faith
UL 320 16-Nov-18 Leaders in the Invisible Conflict
UL 321 17-Nov-18 Cast Your Burdens on Jesus
UL 322 18-Nov-18 Nature Reveals God
UL 323 19-Nov-18 Walk by Faith, Not by Sight
UL 324 20-Nov-18 Be Wide Awake
UL 325 21-Nov-18 Allow God to Direct
UL 326 22-Nov-18 God and His Creation
UL 327 23-Nov-18 Revelations of God's Will
UL 328 24-Nov-18 How to Witness for Your Faith
UL 329 25-Nov-18 Use the Talents Entrusted
UL 330 26-Nov-18 While the Sanctuary is Being Cleansed
UL 331 27-Nov-18 Seek the Lord
UL 332 28-Nov-18 Drop Self into God's Hands
UL 333 29-Nov-18 God is not Nature, but Nature's God
UL 334 30-Nov-18 Look to God for Help
UL 335 01-Dec-18 The Invisible Conflict
UL 336 02-Dec-18 Prayer in the Night Season
UL 337 03-Dec-18 Be First in Good Works
UL 338 04-Dec-18 God's Word is True
UL 339 05-Dec-18 The Meaning of Christian Perfection
UL 340 06-Dec-18 Divine Compassion Continues to Flow
UL 341 07-Dec-18 Where Is Your Treasure?
UL 342 08-Dec-18 Your Redemption Draweth Nigh
UL 343 09-Dec-18 The Price of Our Redemption
UL 344 10-Dec-18 Blend in Unity
UL 345 11-Dec-18 Be Sunshiny Christians
UL 346 12-Dec-18 Bring a Return to God
UL 347 13-Dec-18 God's Amazing Love
UL 348 14-Dec-18 Move Forward
UL 349 15-Dec-18 Obedience to the Heavenly Vision
UL 350 16-Dec-18 God's Concern for His People
UL 351 17-Dec-18 As a Thief in the Night
UL 352 18-Dec-18 Weed Your Own Garden
UL 353 19-Dec-18 The Gift Christ Desires
UL 354 20-Dec-18 Search the Scriptures
UL 355 21-Dec-18 God Gives Us What We Need
UL 356 22-Dec-18 Build on the Solid Rock
UL 357 23-Dec-18 Look to God Alone
UL 358 24-Dec-18 Shine with Living Brightness
UL 359 25-Dec-18 Living Stones for a Heavenly Temple
UL 360 26-Dec-18 Resolutions for the New Year
UL 361 27-Dec-18 Pray, Thy Will Be Done
UL 362 28-Dec-18 Educate Yourself to Believe
UL 363 29-Dec-18 We Are Objects of Infinite Love
UL 364 30-Dec-18 Fig Leaves or Christ's Robe?
UL 365 31-Dec-18 Stewards of God's Grace

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