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Musings on Male Headship

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The model of male headship, as instituted by God, is an excellent one. A woman who is led by a God-fearing man has a really good deal. She will be protected, provided for, loved, et cetera… because her husband will follow the example given by God Himself.

What has happened over time is that men have corrupted this model, by introducing their own reasonings and preferences. What is supposed to be an *excellent* model is now being accused of ‘marginalising women’. This is disturbing, in that it is subtly attempting to blame God for something that humans are clearly responsible for.

The way forward is to go back to God’s original design. At the core of Christianity is the restoration of God’s original design in all areas of our lives: diet, dress, conversation, parenting, family, et cetera.

Modern inventions, such as ‘rights’ movements, do not have the restoration of God’s blueprints at their foundations… and it is *very* unfortunate that our churches have adopted these worldly machinations without doing thorough investigations.

There are some ‘apparent’ benefits to rights movements… but there is ‘more in the mortar than the pestle’. Man’s inventions are often short-sighted. “Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)

What is very revealing about the recent pushes in our churches for ‘Women’s Ministries’, ‘Women’s Day’, et cetera, is that there is a *deafening silence* regarding the education of males to be godly heads of their homes. The real solution to the crises that families are facing today is the restoration of God’s model: *godly male leadership* in our homes and churches.

Returning to God’s way will ensure that our women and children are *properly* ministered to, and there will be no need to “outsource” these functions, as is currently being done at the moment.

It is time for the men of our church to seriously *fast and pray* about the slothfulness, cowardice, and abandonment we have generally displayed… allowing the enemy to wreak havoc in our homes and churches. For what… the love of luxury? Money? Fame? Ease? SHAME… SHAME on us. What a poor representation we have made to our wives, children, and the world… and this is why so many worldly solutions have been adopted in our churches.

I humbly submit that this thrust towards “woman’s equality” (so-called) is harmful to our church and families, in that it pushes us even further away from God’s design for the home and churches. Women will be far better protected, nurtured, appreciated and loved under God’s model, than the world’s half-baked model.

“And now, my daughter, don’t be afraid.
I will do for you everything you say,
for all the city leaders among my people
know that you are a woman of good character.”
— Ruth 3:11

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