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Handmade Soap

Lemongrass, Honey & Oat, Activated Charcoal, Sesame Surprise.


These soaps are handmade, and natural: they consist of all-vegetable oils, clays, and natural additives (e.g. activated charcoal, turmeric). They do not contain animal products, artifical preservatives, phthalates or parabens.

Soaps give a nice stable lather, and rinse well (even with rain water!). They have a gentle, moisturizing effect on the skin. Persons with dry/irritable skin problems have given great reviews thus far.

The soaps are not available to the public at present; these pages are available for informational purposes. Queries can be made via the Contact page.

About Handmade Soaps

  • Ingredients No harmful chemicals, no preservatives. Wholesome ingredients are chosen that help wash away dirt and nourish the skin.
  • Cure time Soaps are cured for a period of four to six weeks. (The longer the bars cure, the longer they will last.)
  • Pre-ordering Pre-ordering soap is recommended: oftentimes soaps are pre-ordered long before the ready date.
  • Longevity Longevity of the soap will increase by keeping it out of water when not in use.


Therefore, my dear friends,
since we have these promises,
let us purify ourselves
from everything that can defile either body or spirit,
and strive to be completely holy,
out of reverence for God.

— 2 Corinthians 7:1

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