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Application Development


Trees teach us important things about life. Our philosophy is based on a few things learnt from trees:

  1. Build a sturdy foundation first. A sturdy, well-developed framework will allow for easy management and future development.
  2. Add the right materials to the foundation. Adequate content, a good navigation system, and user-friendly interfaces will deliver exactly what your clients need.
  3. Flowers and fruit come naturally. Customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising are the natural outgrowth of things done right.

For this reason, software that we build pass the tests of time; just like trees.


In Reverse Chronological Order:


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Quiet Events Blog


The Quiet Events Blog: featuring biblical insights, event reviews and poetry.

Dr. George Simon


Dr. George Simon is the leading expert on manipulators and other disturbed characters. He earned his degree in clinical psychology at Texas Tech University and has studied disturbed characters for over thirty years. Dr. Simon is not only an author, but a public speaker, consultant, professional trainer and composer who has appeared on numerous national, regional and local television and radio programs.

Bridging The Gap


The Bridging the Gap Project is a platform that brings the seniors and the youth together.

The Upper Room Wellness Centre


The Upper Room Wellness Centre is a Naturopathic healing and Medical Missionary institution serving to bring mental, physical, and spiritual health to others, using Christ’s method alone to give true success.

Development: IDEs and Frameworks

Visual Studio Superior
Microsoft SQL Server Superior
Wordpress Superior
Microsoft Office Superior
CodeIgniter (PHP) Skilled
JCreator (Java) Skilled

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C# Superior
Java Superior
PHP Superior
C++ Skilled
VB.Net Skilled
VBA Superior

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Web Technologies

ASP.NET Superior
HTML5 Superior
CSS3 Superior
Javascript Superior
jQuery Superior
jQuery UI Superior

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