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Relationship Couplets, Season 2

Categories: Poetry

(Round 2 of Relationship Couplets… let’s go deeper. Enjoy!)

Part 1

Wave a red flag in front of a bull
and he’ll charge right into action;
Relationship red flags will find me
in the opposite direction.

Part 2

Truth hurts; I know. Uncomfortable growth,
and mountains new to climb…
But running from truth will compound the hurt
for an inopportune future time.

Part 3

A for Astute, B: Brilliant,
C for Charm and Cheer;
But if I see a red flag,
De alphabet stops dere.

Part 4

Children beg for a toy,
then leave it in the dust;
Adults act the same way
when driven by their lust.

Part 5

Red apples can make apple pie
Red strawberries make jam;
Red flags will make me quite upset…
None for me please then, fam! 🙂

Part 6

Raw fruit is great for nutrition,
Frugality for wealth;
And choosing some trustworthy friends
Is good for mental health.

Part 7

A colorful sunset,
A lucent full moon,
A true confidant…
I wish these for you, soon.

Part 8

Marriages today end up
in heartbreak and divisions;
Keep yourself away from these
by making sound decisions.

Part 9

Advancement in technology:
The latest cars and phones…
Regression in relationships:
Barren and loveless homes.

Part 10

Repentance is not evidenced
by sorrow and long tears…
Restitution for hurts and wrongs,
and payment of arrears.

Part 11

Many value “Handsome!” and “Cute!”
Not sure that’s the right track…
I care less how you please my eyes;
more how you’ll guard my back.

Part 12

A triangle has three straight sides,
A pentagon has five;
Know all the sides of your fiancé
Before you take the dive.

Part 13

The more I chat with older ones,
the more I learn the truth:
“Don’t rush into marriage, young man…
preserve your strength and youth.”

Part 14

It’s time we face a sobering truth,
of academic schools:
They don’t prepare for relationships…
Not even basic tools!

Part 15

Give a good tree your love and care
and it will yield much fruit;
Good relationships choices at the start —
This seems a safer route.

Part 16

In spring, the trees bear new green leaves,
In fall, they turn to brown;
When red flags at the first appear
My smile 🙂 turns to a frown. 🙁

Part 17

Mary had a little lamb,
A cute and fluffy thing;
Make sure, Mary, you do not have
a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Part 18

We wear thick clothes in winter time,
and less when it is hot;
if you find wolves in sheep’s clothing,
eventually they’ll rot.

Part 19

Ask this of a potential spouse:
“Will you be a good friend?”
Because there’s something you should know:
The honeymoon must end.

Part 20

We laud technological advancements,
with new machines and gauges;
But relationships? At an all-time low…
we’re back in the Dark Ages!

Interlude 1

Red flags, I have mentioned these quite often,
But as yet I have not named any;
So here are ten flags you should learn to detect…
Henceforth, please sharpen your antennae. 🙂

Part 21

Red flag #1: Love-bombing

This technique is a sly attempt
to win your trust and affection;
Beaneath this veneer is a con artist,
upon closer inspection.

Part 22

Red flag #2: Rushing Intimacy

Take time to vet a potential spouse…
Do not rush into intimacy;
Don’t expose yourself to a total stranger
and get caught by a cheap fantasy.

Part 23

Red flag #3: Mirroring

A person who says all you want to hear,
and does all you want to see,
May just be mirroring what you want
while skewing your reality.

Part 24

Red flag #4: Fragmented Relationships

A history of bitter divorces,
And pure chaos in every sphere…
A person’s track record of relationships
Will speak volumes, loud and clear.

Part 25

Red flag #5: Big Ego

Are you trying to feed someone’s ego?
You have chosen a life that is tough.
You will give them the world, e’en the shirt off your back…
You will soon learn that it’s never enough.

Part 26

Red flag #6: Degradation/Humiliation

Take a breather from someone
(or maybe a vacation)
If the tenor of your friendship is
constant humiliation.

Part 27

Red flag #7: Refusal to Grow/Change

All organisms, in general,
have a tendency to grow;
and a person who refuses to
may stifle your airflow.

Part 28

Red flag #8: Disregard of the Truth

It’s hard to live with broken bones
or with a broken tooth;
far worse is it to live with one
who wars against the truth.

Part 29

Red flag #9: Chronic Lying

Pathological or compulsive —
Matters not whate’er the brand.
Chronic lying is pernicious;
On this take a serious stand.

Part 30

Red flag #10: Craves Power and Control

While there’s nothing wrong with power,
keep an eye on one who craves.
Power alloyed with poor morals?
This can lead to early graves.

Part 31

“Real” precedes “romantic”
in the English dictionary;
And those who get the order wrong…
of them you should be wary.

Part 32

Don’t give the keys to a stranger
to your local address;
Much less give access to your heart,
and side-step undue stress.

Part 33

Your house has walls, and solid doors;
fences and sturdy gates…?
Then set up boundaries for your heart,
That no-one violates.

Part 34

What causes true maturity?
Has less to do with age…
more with overcoming obstacles,
and growth at every stage.

Part 35

Modern “love” is too expensive;
Keeps your wallet looking bare…
Find me in the ‘old school’ section:
Show someone you truly care.

Part 36

A person’s current deportment
Limits what you can see;
The answers that you truly need
Are in his history.

Part 37

No matter how many good times you’ve had
in the relationship with your spouse,
it’s the overcoming of the trials and pains,
that determines the real strength of your house.

Part 38

A secure house will grant you rest,
A comfy bed? For sure…
But a trustworthy spouse to rest your heart
Will long-term rest ensure.

Part 39

A hat protects you from the sun,
An umbrella from rain;
Use discernment in relationships —
Protect your heart from pain.

Part 40

Many value external beauty,
Few seem to value the inner;
But when you’ve found them both, my friend?
You’ve found yourself a winner. 🙂

Part 41

Children learn from what they hear
and mainly through their vision;
so do your best, and keep them far
from modern television.

Part 42

Your words can give a person life,
or it can bring them death;
Be sure, therefore, to contemplate
before you give them breath.

Part 43

Some have thrown caution to the wind
in their choice of a spouse…
Instead of finding “Happy Home”
they found a “Haunted House”.

Part 44

If you neglect to say kind words
and compliment your spouse,
Don’t be surprised when you then find
no pillars for your house.

Part 45

Relationships can’t always be
about the things of joy;
Discuss the sad and painful too…
E’en those things that annoy.

Part 46

Some take a cruise to an unknown place,
Some for the tropics embark;
I think I’ll go for the simpler things
like taking swings in the park. 🙂

Part 47

To give her earthly comforts
husbands do all that they could;
But sometimes what she really needs
is to be understood.

Part 48

Many faux eyebrows and eyelashes,
hair pieces of every kind;
Yet still to find a replacement for
a balanced, beautiful mind.

Part 49

Red flags on beaches indicate
That waters there are rough;
And red flags in relationships
mean goings there are tough.

Part 50

Relationships can’t be maintained
by constant, lame excuses;
Might tolerate for a short while,
but then you get the ‘deuces’.

Part 51

Plant apple seeds for apple trees,
Corn seeds for ears of corn;
Plant God’s Word in relationships
for good fruit to be born.

Part 52

Success in our relationships
won’t come by wishful thinking.
Set goals! Set dates! Set solid plans!
Your desires to actions linking.

Part 53

Marriage challenges all you’ve got!
So listen here, young man:
It won’t just all be “fun!” all day…
You’ll need a long-term plan.

Part 54

A captain needs a trusty map
To keep from getting lost;
And purpose in relation ships
keep them from being tossed.

Part 55

A one-sided relationship —
Where you do all the work;
Sounds like a classic case to me,
where red flags quietly lurk.

Part 56

This young man truly loves the LORD?
And by His Word, improves?
Strong diligent… but yet caring?
Yes — Uncle Brent approves. 🙂

Part 57

It takes two halves to make a whole,
Two cents to make a penny;
Two caring and committed souls
for marital success any.

Part 58

Sweeten all your food with sugar?
Or put salt in everything?
Only fun times in relationships?
I think you’re missing something.

Part 59

Can’t spend all your time daydreaming,
Can’t spend all your time in books;
Can’t be entirely and utterly
consumed with someone’s looks.

Part 60

For a recipe, read every line;
For a book, read every chapter;
For a spouse make sure you inspect all
the points of his character.

Part 61

House construction gurus say:
“Measure twice, and cut once.”
Sounds like relationship advice,
a tenet of prudence.

Part 62

To prove a dress, you try it on;
Sit down to prove a shoe;
What proves potential spouses are
the trials they’ve been through.

Part 63

Can’t build a house upon the mud…
Sounds like a slippery mess;
Can’t build a good relationship
around self-centredness.

Part 64

In French, you don’t say “I miss you”…
Tu me manques” is what’s said;
It means “You are missing from me”…
I like that version instead.

Part 65

Planes fly at higher altitudes
A truth we should accept;
No distance in relationships
without profounder depth.

Part 66

Let a mango ripen first…
You’ll get the best of mileage;
And let a person ripen first
Before prospecting marriage.

Part 67

Spoilers, rims, a good paint job…
Still this car could be fake;
Smiles, and charm, and friendliness
Does not a good spouse make.

Part 68

Don’t run from marital challenges
E’en though they may be rough;
For anything that lasts a while
Is built of tested stuff.

Part 69

Children really like puppies and kittens…
Not so much their feeding and care;
And of persons who “love you” for superficial things,
I would say very much to beware.

Part 70

Before you leave the house today,
before you hit the roads…
Be sure to express to your beloved
your commitment, with your words.

Interlude 2

Good virtues for sound relationships?
A good study, if we can;
I can’t think of a better model
than the Proverbs 31 woman.

Part 71

א (Alef) – Proverbs 31:10
If you have found a virtuous wife,
A strong and capable spouse;
Exceeding value you have found!
With her, you build a house.

Part 72

ב (Bet) – Proverbs 31:11
“Her husband trusts her from his heart,
She’ll prove a great asset…”
A spouse that you can safely trust
Will come with no regret.

Part 73

ג (Gimel) – Proverbs 31:12
“She works to bring him good, not harm”,
Yes, all her days of life.
Someone who purposes your peace
Will cause you little strife.

Part 74

ד (Dalet) – Proverbs 31:13
“She builds supplies of wool and flax
and works with willing hands.”
A house with diligent partners
Can handle life’s demands.

Part 75

ה (Heh) – Proverbs 31:14
“She’s like those merchant vessels, brings
Her food from far away.”
Good judgement in provisioning
Will avert much dismay.

Part 76

ו (Vav) – Proverbs 31:15
“It’s yet still dark, when she awakes
to nourish her household…”
A sacrificing spouse, my friend,
Is worth much more than gold.

Part 77

ז (Zayin) – Proverbs 31:16
“She considers a field, then buys it,
and then she plants a vineyard.”
Value a forward-thinking spouse,
Who is a faithful steward.

Part 78

ח (Het) – Proverbs 31:17
“She gathers her strength around her;
throws herself into her work.”
Industriousness? Yes please, and thanks!
Hard work she will not shirk.

Part 79

ט (Tet) – Proverbs 31:18
“She sees her business affiars go well;
her lamps stays lit at night.”
Watchfulness — e’en in little things —
Doth good fortune invite.

Part 80

י (Yud) – Proverbs 31:19
“She puts her hands to the staff with the flax;
her fingers — the spinning rod.”
A spouse with diligent, skilful hands?
Truly a gift from GOD.

Part 81

כ (Kaf) – Proverbs 31:20
“She reaches out to embrace the poor,
the needy with open arms.”
Best choose a spouse with sympathy,
than mere external charms.

Part 82

ל (Lamed) – Proverbs 31:21
“For her household, snow brings no fear;
All will be doubly clothed.”
Foresight, coupled with strategy
These traits can ne’er be loathed.

Part 83

מ (Mem) – Proverbs 31:22
“She makes her quilts; she clothes herself
In fine linen and purple.”
Artisanry and craftmanship
Make a good house more fertile.

Part 84

נ (Nun) – Proverbs 31:23
“Her husband’s known at city gates,
With leaders of the land.”
The influence of a righteous spouse
Grants favour on ev’ry hand.

Part 85

ס (Samekh) – Proverbs 31:24
“She makes garments, and sells them too;
Supplies merchants with sashes.”
A business-minded spouse prevents
A house from going to ashes.

Part 86

ע (‘Ayin) – Proverbs 31:25
“Clothed with strength and dignity,
she can laugh at the days to come.”
With a spouse who values preparedness,
Disaster will be seldom.

Part 87

פ (Peh) – Proverbs 31:26
“When she opens her mouth, she speaks wisely;
on her tongue is loving instruction.”
The mouth of a spouse can bring forth life,
Or induce swift destruction.

Part 88

צ (Tzadeh) – Proverbs 31:27
“She watches how things go in her house,
with the idle, does not eat bread.”
Some prefer outward beauty,
I’ll take mindfulness instead.

Part 89

ק (Kuf) – Proverbs 31:28
“Her children arise; they make her happy;
and her husband — he praises her too…”
When you’ve chosen to live by righteous principles,
Richer blessings will accrue to you.

Part 90

ר (Resh) – Proverbs 31:29
““Many women have done plenty wonderful things,
but you are surpassing them all!””
A husband, thus blessed, will be big on your praise,
And on censure, most likely, be small.

Part 91

ש (Shin) – Proverbs 31:30
“Charm can lie, beauty can vanish…
but praise for those who fear ADONAI.”
Those who’ve chosen to live by righteous principles
Have a beauty no-one can decry.

Part 92

ת (Tav) – Proverbs 31:31
“Give her a fair share of the things she produced;
let her works speak her praise at the gates.”
She has put in the work, thus her reward is sure,
The honour of ADONAI awaits.

Part 93

Marriages often run aground,
And even sometimes end,
On what may seem a trivial point:
To treat the other as a friend.

Part 94

So you were married to an unworthy spouse…
Do you think life has come to an end?
Don’t let a mistake ruin the rest of your life!
ADONAI can restore you, my friend.

Part 95

No lasting marriage is sustained by the dreams
of our younger years: childhood and teens;
Excitement, fun and toys must surely be replaced
By commitment, intimacy and means.

Part 96

You won’t let pests into your home:
No termites, snakes or flies;
Then don’t allow discourtesy
torment, abuse or lies.

Part 97

The body needs a detox when
Things function unseemly;
Our hearts, also, need healing from
Constant disharmony.

Part 98

A major thing, that I have found,
that reveals sound character:
The capacity to apologize,
and make amends right after.

Part 99

If you abuse a loving soul
And treat her like a louse,
One day, instead of warmth and cheer,
You’ll find an empty house.

Part 100

Whether physically attractive,
Or an intellect that flatters;
I will search a little deeper…
For the Character that Matters.

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