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Restoring Advent Hymnody
on the Character Building for Eternity International Prayer Ministry platform
April 4th - May 1st, 2023


All sessions take place on the Character Building for Eternity International Prayer Ministry Zoom platform.

The Lost Treasures Tuesday April 4, 2023


Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal

  • Published in 1985
  • This hymnal is still under copyright; so no download link provided
  • Useful link: Adventist Hymns website:
    https://adventisthymns.com/en/1985/ . Find the hymns of this hymnal, categorized by topic, tunes, metres et cetera.
  • Contains 695 hymns
  • Tip: Look to the back of your hymnal, and find the Metrical Index of Tunes. All the hymns have been grouped here by their metre! Use this to try alternative tunes to hymns.

Church Hymnal

Christ In Song: For All Religious Services

The Seventh-day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book: For Use In Divine Worship

The Pilgrims' Songster, A Choice Selection of Hymns, Designed for Tent, Conference and Prayer Meetings

Hymns, for God's Peculiar People, that keep the Commandments of God, and the Faith of Jesus

The Scottish Psalter

Additional Resources

The Litmus Test Tuesday April 11, 2023

Presentation for Session 2 (PDF)

Functions of Godly Music Tuesday April 18, 2023

Presentation for Session 3 (PDF)

Remnant Music Tuesday April 25, 2023

Presentation for Session 4 (PDF)

Additional Resources

The Voice in Speech and Song (E. G. White):

Helpful YouTube Videos

Threshing, Sifting, & Winnowing Wheat:

Grain Harvest: Threshing, Winnowing, and Eating Rye:

How Ancient Farmers Worked the Fields • Spotlight • Harvesting Grains:

Hymnody Workshop Monday May 1, 2023


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