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Plant Identification Course
Learn to identify local herbs, and know their medicinal benefits...
April 16th - May 21st, 2023


All sessions take place in Trinidad (West Indies), in person. (More information to come... Check this page often for updates.)

Plant Identification Training Sunday April 16, 2023
Location: Heights of Aripo, Trinidad - Roadside walk Time: To be announced Cost: Any-sized cash donation
  • Identify plants that are commonly seen... but not necessarily commonly known
  • Understand the medicinal benefits of various local herbs
Herbal Medicine Production Sunday April 23, 2023
Location: Aruka Lifestyle Centre, Mausica, Trinidad - Classroom Time: To be announced Cost: $350 (TTD)
  • Learn how and when to harvest plants
  • Understand herbal combinations
  • Learn how to extract plant properties
  • Learn how and when to set medicines
  • Understand dosage and usage
Identifying and Preparing Plants for Male Health Sunday April 30, 2023
Location: Heights of Aripo, Trinidad - Forest walk Time: To be announced Cost: $150 (TTD)
  • Identify local herbs for improving Male Health
Identifying and Preparing Plants for Female Health Sunday May 7, 2023
Location: Heights of Aripo, Trinidad - Forest walk Time: To be announced Cost: $150 (TTD)
  • Identify local herbs for improving Female Health
Bamboo Charcoal Production Sunday May 21, 2023
Location: To be announced - Outdoor Time: To be announced Cost: $350 (TTD)
  • Learn how to make charcoal (from bamboo!)
  • Learn how to activate charcoal

General Information

  • Our sessions are guided by Christian values (see Rules below).
  • You can choose the class sessions you prefer to attend; it is not mandatory that you attend all.
  • Outdoor Sessions
    • What to expect on walks:
      • Walks will take about 4 hours, with adequate time to observe and collect samples.
      • The walk for each session will cover a different route.
      • Distance will be about 4 kilometers, on average.
      • The terrain is not difficult, but will call for physical fitness.
    • How you should dress:
      • For all outdoor activities, dress appropriately for the season and environment (guard against bugs, sun/heatstroke et cetera).
    • How to protect against insects:
      • Insect repellent will be helpful; do not wear strong-scented perfumes/scents.
    • What you should bring:
      • Adequate water
      • Note-taking materials
      • Paper bags for samples you might collect (plastic not preferable)
      • Camera (highly recommended)
    • Toilet facilities are not available on the routes, or at the meeting points.
    • Ask your questions during the sessions!
  • Classroom Session (Herbal Medicine Production)
    • Duration: Classroom session will last about 4 hours.
    • Materials: Walk with note-taking materials (notebook, pens and other stationery); camera (optional).
    • Participation: Ask your questions during the session!
  • For queries regarding this event, please contact an administrator (include your phone/WhatsApp contact in the message).
  • Registration is mandatory for this event. When you register:
    • Acquire login credentials for this website
    • Indicate which sessions you'll attend
    • View any transactions that you make
  • Website Security Level/Disclosure: Information that you submit to this website is transported and stored using data encryption. (This site uses 'https' as its prefix, for transport-level security.)
  • Already registered? Sign in here.


  • Conduct (in-person or online)
    • We aim for a Christian atmosphere in all our sessions and social media groups.
    • Profanity, alcohol, smoking and abusive language are all discouraged.
    • Courtesy, kindness, helpfulness, sympathy and understanding are all encouraged.
  • Attendance & Punctuality: We respect your time, so we will begin our events on time. Remember to cater for travel time in your journey to the meeting point, so that we can begin punctually.
  • Payments: Before you attend each session, you should (ideally) pay for it in full, in advance. Please make arrangements by contacting an administrator.
  • Photography/Video: We encourage respect for and protection of the personal privacy of all participants regarding their appearance in photos/videos. Please get the consent of others before taking photos or videos of them.
  • Accuracy of information: Please provide accurate info on the website, and in our social media groups.
  • Use of our social media groups: We ask for a temperate use of our groups, with a respect for the environment we are trying to maintain (see 'Conduct' above).


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The marker indicates Heights of Aripo Junction... The actual meeting points will be North of this area.

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