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“That I May Know Him”

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List of chapters in “That I May Know Him”

Chapter Date Title
TMK 1 01-Jan-18 Unlock the Storehouse!
TMK 2 02-Jan-18 Where Wisdom Begins
TMK 3 03-Jan-18 Who May Know God?
TMK 4 04-Jan-18 Superficial Knowledge Not Enough
TMK 5 05-Jan-18 Christ the Eternal Word
TMK 6 06-Jan-18 The Great I Am
TMK 7 07-Jan-18 Co-Workers in Creation
TMK 8 08-Jan-18 A Sad Day for the Universe
TMK 9 09-Jan-18 The Mystery of Sin
TMK 10 10-Jan-18 Divine Enmity in the Soul
TMK 11 11-Jan-18 A Star of Hope
TMK 12 12-Jan-18 God's Character Revealed
TMK 13 13-Jan-18 Love So Amazing!
TMK 14 14-Jan-18 Isaac a Figure of Christ
TMK 15 15-Jan-18 Christ the Mystic Ladder
TMK 16 16-Jan-18 Christ's First Advent Prefigured
TMK 17 17-Jan-18 The Smitten Rock
TMK 18 18-Jan-18 The Living Water
TMK 19 19-Jan-18 God in Human Flesh
TMK 20 20-Jan-18 The Babe of Bethlehem
TMK 21 21-Jan-18 A Light to the Young
TMK 22 22-Jan-18 A Child in the Temple
TMK 23 23-Jan-18 Keep the Saviour With You!
TMK 24 24-Jan-18 The Ideal for All Humanity
TMK 25 25-Jan-18 The Meaning of Christ's Baptism
TMK 26 26-Jan-18 The Wilderness Temptation
TMK 27 27-Jan-18 A Life Without Sin
TMK 28 28-Jan-18 Christ Suffered, Being Tempted
TMK 29 29-Jan-18 Our Divine Redeemer
TMK 30 30-Jan-18 Marvel of the Heavenly Hosts
TMK 31 31-Jan-18 The Greatness of Humility
TMK 32 01-Feb-18 Christ the Revelation of God
TMK 33 02-Feb-18 Christ in the Home
TMK 34 03-Feb-18 Lover of Little Children
TMK 35 04-Feb-18 A Message for Boys and Girls
TMK 36 05-Feb-18 Armies of Missionary Children
TMK 37 06-Feb-18 Missionary to the Poor
TMK 38 07-Feb-18 The Pattern Man
TMK 39 08-Feb-18 Tender, Loving, Compassionate
TMK 40 09-Feb-18 An Attribute We May Share
TMK 41 10-Feb-18 The Compassionate Healer
TMK 42 11-Feb-18 Bearer of Our Afflictions
TMK 43 12-Feb-18 Sharing Heaven's Treasures
TMK 44 13-Feb-18 The Greatest Teacher
TMK 45 14-Feb-18 Teaching in Depth
TMK 46 15-Feb-18 Christ the Good Shepherd
TMK 47 16-Feb-18 In the Bosom of the Shepherd
TMK 48 17-Feb-18 The Sons of God
TMK 49 18-Feb-18 When Man Cooperates
TMK 50 19-Feb-18 Will You Let Him In?
TMK 51 20-Feb-18 The Holy Spirit Our Helper
TMK 52 21-Feb-18 A Hidden Treasure
TMK 53 22-Feb-18 Have You Enrolled?
TMK 54 23-Feb-18 "What Manner of Love"!
TMK 55 24-Feb-18 "We Shall Be Like Him"
TMK 56 25-Feb-18 Under the Great Teacher
TMK 57 26-Feb-18 Redeemed by Christ's Blood
TMK 58 27-Feb-18 The Weight of God's Wrath
TMK 59 28-Feb-18 The Cross of Calvary
TMK 60 01-Mar-18 "Despised and Rejected"
TMK 61 02-Mar-18 "Wounded for Our Transgressions"
TMK 62 03-Mar-18 Depths of Humiliation
TMK 63 04-Mar-18 Calvary
TMK 64 05-Mar-18 Christ Our Divine Ransom
TMK 65 06-Mar-18 Resurrection to New Life
TMK 66 07-Mar-18 The Glorious Reunion in Heaven
TMK 67 08-Mar-18 A Perfect Atonement
TMK 68 09-Mar-18 A Conqueror Claiming His Victory
TMK 69 10-Mar-18 Momentarily Offering Sacrifice
TMK 70 11-Mar-18 An Advocate Clothed in Our Nature
TMK 71 12-Mar-18 When Jesus Interposes
TMK 72 13-Mar-18 Salvation to the Uttermost
TMK 73 14-Mar-18 Safe in Every Storm
TMK 74 15-Mar-18 Jesus Holds Us Fast!
TMK 75 16-Mar-18 The Mystery of Godliness
TMK 76 17-Mar-18 A Bridge for the Gulf
TMK 77 18-Mar-18 The Priceless Pearl
TMK 78 19-Mar-18 Christ's Precious Jewels
TMK 79 20-Mar-18 Life's Best Things
TMK 80 21-Mar-18 The Most Profitable Investment
TMK 81 22-Mar-18 Entrusted Capital
TMK 82 23-Mar-18 The Life God Uses
TMK 83 24-Mar-18 Monitor and Friend
TMK 84 25-Mar-18 Fulfilling Life's Obligations
TMK 85 26-Mar-18 The Highest Objects of Ambition
TMK 86 27-Mar-18 Sowing and Reaping
TMK 87 28-Mar-18 Life Not to Be Trifled With
TMK 88 29-Mar-18 Molded After His Character
TMK 89 30-Mar-18 How to Enjoy Heaven
TMK 90 31-Mar-18 Provision for Every Emergency
TMK 91 01-Apr-18 Source of All Light
TMK 92 02-Apr-18 Christ's Blessings Universal
TMK 93 03-Apr-18 Equality of Believers in Christ
TMK 94 04-Apr-18 Linked in a Common Brotherhood
TMK 95 05-Apr-18 One Plan for All Time
TMK 96 06-Apr-18 Through Christ to God
TMK 97 07-Apr-18 One Family in Christ
TMK 98 08-Apr-18 The Sum and Substance
TMK 99 09-Apr-18 Water for the Thirsty
TMK 100 10-Apr-18 Bread for the Hungry
TMK 101 11-Apr-18 Partakers of Christ
TMK 102 12-Apr-18 A Change of Raiment
TMK 103 13-Apr-18 Christ Our Peace and Righteousness
TMK 104 14-Apr-18 Justified by Faith
TMK 105 15-Apr-18 Our Perfect Pattern
TMK 106 16-Apr-18 An All-sufficient Saviour
TMK 107 17-Apr-18 Profession Not Enough
TMK 108 18-Apr-18 The Righteousness That God Requires
TMK 109 19-Apr-18 A Faith That Purifies the Life
TMK 110 20-Apr-18 Simple Faith and Unquestioning Obedience
TMK 111 21-Apr-18 The Measure of Character
TMK 112 22-Apr-18 Children, Not Slaves
TMK 113 23-Apr-18 The Loveliness of Christian Character
TMK 114 24-Apr-18 The Rest Christ Offers
TMK 115 25-Apr-18 Under Christ's Yoke
TMK 116 26-Apr-18 The Grace of Humility
TMK 117 27-Apr-18 A Heavenly Partnership
TMK 118 28-Apr-18 Light for the Humble
TMK 119 29-Apr-18 The Merits of Jesus' Blood
TMK 120 30-Apr-18 To God Be the Glory
TMK 121 01-May-18 "The Spot of His Children"
TMK 122 02-May-18 Live Up to Your Profession
TMK 123 03-May-18 An Individual Work
TMK 124 04-May-18 Perfection Through Christ's Merits
TMK 125 05-May-18 The Science of Holiness
TMK 126 06-May-18 Abiding in Christ
TMK 127 07-May-18 Genuine Fruit Bearing
TMK 128 08-May-18 Glorious Possibilities Before Us
TMK 129 09-May-18 Limitless Heights to Reach
TMK 130 10-May-18 The Preciousness of Christ
TMK 131 11-May-18 Influence of Our Words
TMK 132 12-May-18 A Holy Listener
TMK 133 13-May-18 Our Example in Self
TMK 134 14-May-18 Dignity Without Pride
TMK 135 15-May-18 Cheerfulness With Sobriety
TMK 136 16-May-18 "With Joy Unspeakable"
TMK 137 17-May-18 Under God's Guardianship
TMK 138 18-May-18 The Voice of Nature
TMK 139 19-May-18 Tokens of God's Love Everywhere
TMK 140 20-May-18 Evidences of God's Greatness
TMK 141 21-May-18 On the Preparation Day
TMK 142 22-May-18 Through Nature to Nature's God
TMK 143 23-May-18 Honoring God in the Home
TMK 144 24-May-18 In God's Workshop
TMK 145 25-May-18 God's Spiritual Temple
TMK 146 26-May-18 Soldiers of Christ
TMK 147 27-May-18 The Proof of Our Discipleship
TMK 148 28-May-18 Come Where the Light Shines
TMK 149 29-May-18 A Life of Strength
TMK 150 30-May-18 Imitating Christ
TMK 151 31-May-18 Grace an Educator
TMK 152 01-Jun-18 A New Song in Our Hearts
TMK 153 02-Jun-18 No Standing Still
TMK 154 03-Jun-18 Adding and Multiplying
TMK 155 04-Jun-18 When You Are Growing
TMK 156 05-Jun-18 Reaching the Stature of Christ
TMK 157 06-Jun-18 Are You Growing Up?
TMK 158 07-Jun-18 Growth and Fruit Bearing
TMK 159 08-Jun-18 Marks of True Sanctification
TMK 160 09-Jun-18 Jesus Our All
TMK 161 10-Jun-18 An Abiding Motive
TMK 162 11-Jun-18 First Things First
TMK 163 12-Jun-18 Fitting Up for Heaven
TMK 164 13-Jun-18 "Stedfast Unto the End"
TMK 165 14-Jun-18 The Coming of the Comforter
TMK 166 15-Jun-18 Our Divine Credentials
TMK 167 16-Jun-18 Oneness With Christ and the Father
TMK 168 17-Jun-18 God's Measurement of My Character
TMK 169 18-Jun-18 Holiness a Companion of Humility
TMK 170 19-Jun-18 Why Be Lifted Up?
TMK 171 20-Jun-18 "Take Heed Unto Thyself"
TMK 172 21-Jun-18 Revealing Christ in Character
TMK 173 22-Jun-18 Tares Among the Wheat
TMK 174 23-Jun-18 As We Are Forgiven
TMK 175 24-Jun-18 How to Settle Your Troubles
TMK 176 25-Jun-18 Look for the Good
TMK 177 26-Jun-18 Sheep and Wolves
TMK 178 27-Jun-18 A Time to Close the Mind
TMK 179 28-Jun-18 Fragrant With Heaven's Blessing
TMK 180 29-Jun-18 The Greatest Service
TMK 181 30-Jun-18 Building Up One Another
TMK 182 01-Jul-18 The Highest Learning
TMK 183 02-Jul-18 Greatest Educator of All Time
TMK 184 03-Jul-18 Facing the Light
TMK 185 04-Jul-18 Opening the Mysteries of Redemption
TMK 186 05-Jul-18 Object of the Oracles
TMK 187 06-Jul-18 Wisdom From the Father of Light
TMK 188 07-Jul-18 The Christian's Textbook
TMK 189 08-Jul-18 Exploring the Mine of Truth
TMK 190 09-Jul-18 A Voice From God
TMK 191 10-Jul-18 Book of the Ages
TMK 192 11-Jul-18 True Christian Culture
TMK 193 12-Jul-18 Truths That Transform
TMK 194 13-Jul-18 Truth a Divine Sentinel
TMK 195 14-Jul-18 Golden Promises
TMK 196 15-Jul-18 Springs of Comfort
TMK 197 16-Jul-18 Loss That Is Gain
TMK 198 17-Jul-18 The Peril of Neglect
TMK 199 18-Jul-18 Rich Depths of Knowledge
TMK 200 19-Jul-18 Human Versus Divine Wisdom
TMK 201 20-Jul-18 Author and Teacher of Truth
TMK 202 21-Jul-18 Central Theme of the Scriptures
TMK 203 22-Jul-18 A Will of Your Own?
TMK 204 23-Jul-18 The Platform of Truth
TMK 205 24-Jul-18 God's Appointed Signature
TMK 206 25-Jul-18 Safety in the "Old Paths"
TMK 207 26-Jul-18 The Garden of God
TMK 208 27-Jul-18 To Which Party Do You Belong?
TMK 209 28-Jul-18 Noncommittal Christians
TMK 210 29-Jul-18 Passing on the Light
TMK 211 30-Jul-18 Light for Those Who Love Light
TMK 212 31-Jul-18 Let God Manage You
TMK 213 01-Aug-18 Subjects of the King!
TMK 214 02-Aug-18 In the Master's Stead
TMK 215 03-Aug-18 Support of the Lord's Plan
TMK 216 04-Aug-18 Beware of Satan's Snares
TMK 217 05-Aug-18 A Safe Place for Our Treasures
TMK 218 06-Aug-18 God's Treasure House of Supplies
TMK 219 07-Aug-18 A Never
TMK 220 08-Aug-18 A Progressive Faith
TMK 221 09-Aug-18 A Dangerous Guest
TMK 222 10-Aug-18 Conquering Our Doubts
TMK 223 11-Aug-18 The Faith God Accepts
TMK 224 12-Aug-18 Cultivating the Plant of Faith
TMK 225 13-Aug-18 Much Faith, Much Peace
TMK 226 14-Aug-18 Faith Sees Beyond the Darkness
TMK 227 15-Aug-18 Take Time to Think
TMK 228 16-Aug-18 A Holy Watcher
TMK 229 17-Aug-18 The Mighty Deliverer
TMK 230 18-Aug-18 The Sowing Time
TMK 231 19-Aug-18 Under God's Searching Eye
TMK 232 20-Aug-18 Mercy for the Repentant
TMK 233 21-Aug-18 From Defeat to Victory
TMK 234 22-Aug-18 A Strong Defense Against Temptation
TMK 235 23-Aug-18 How to Get Rid of Guilt
TMK 236 24-Aug-18 Under the Discipline of God
TMK 237 25-Aug-18 The Sin God Cannot Forgive
TMK 238 26-Aug-18 Trifling With God's Spirit
TMK 239 27-Aug-18 How to Resist Satan
TMK 240 28-Aug-18 Drawing Nigh to God
TMK 241 29-Aug-18 No Excuse for Failure
TMK 242 30-Aug-18 Battlefield of the Soul
TMK 243 31-Aug-18 The Only Path of Safety
TMK 244 01-Sep-18 My Lord and I
TMK 245 02-Sep-18 Listen to God's Voice
TMK 246 03-Sep-18 Watch for God's Guidance
TMK 247 04-Sep-18 The March to Victory
TMK 248 05-Sep-18 Those First Dangerous Steps
TMK 249 06-Sep-18 The Deceitfulness of Sin
TMK 250 07-Sep-18 The Conflict Is for Us
TMK 251 08-Sep-18 Trust in Time of Trial
TMK 252 09-Sep-18 And Jesus Prayed
TMK 253 10-Sep-18 "Come Ye Yourselves Apart"
TMK 254 11-Sep-18 Acceptable Prayer
TMK 255 12-Sep-18 The Model Prayer
TMK 256 13-Sep-18 What Is God Like?
TMK 257 14-Sep-18 A Tender, Merciful Father
TMK 258 15-Sep-18 The Terms of Our Salvation
TMK 259 16-Sep-18 The Power of Jesus' Name
TMK 260 17-Sep-18 I Pray for Guidance
TMK 261 18-Sep-18 The Christian's Safeguard
TMK 262 19-Sep-18 Quiet Rest in God
TMK 263 20-Sep-18 Feeble Efforts Not Enough
TMK 264 21-Sep-18 Fervent, Effectual Prayer
TMK 265 22-Sep-18 Daniel's Example of Prayer and Confession
TMK 266 23-Sep-18 The Preciousness of Secret Prayer
TMK 267 24-Sep-18 Praise, Like Clear
TMK 268 25-Sep-18 A Jubilee for Jesus?
TMK 269 26-Sep-18 Suffering for the Truth's Sake
TMK 270 27-Sep-18 Strength Through Trial
TMK 271 28-Sep-18 The Glorious Fruits of Trial
TMK 272 29-Sep-18 Why These Afflictions?
TMK 273 30-Sep-18 Bring Your Troubles to God
TMK 274 01-Oct-18 Addressed to Me Personally
TMK 275 02-Oct-18 Working the Heart's Soil
TMK 276 03-Oct-18 Spiritual Muscle and Sinew
TMK 277 04-Oct-18 "My Grace Is Sufficient for Thee"
TMK 278 05-Oct-18 The Lord Is My Helper
TMK 279 06-Oct-18 Feelings No Evidence of Rejection
TMK 280 07-Oct-18 "I Have Prayed for Thee"
TMK 281 08-Oct-18 The Price of Perfection
TMK 282 09-Oct-18 Living Out God's Law
TMK 283 10-Oct-18 God's Law Changeless and Eternal
TMK 284 11-Oct-18 The Test of Our Actions
TMK 285 12-Oct-18 Happiness in Obedience
TMK 286 13-Oct-18 Power for Obedience
TMK 287 14-Oct-18 Evidence of Our Allegiance
TMK 288 15-Oct-18 Wonderful Simplicity of the Law
TMK 289 16-Oct-18 God's Moral Looking Glass
TMK 290 17-Oct-18 Privileges of the Obedient
TMK 291 18-Oct-18 The Motive for Obedience
TMK 292 19-Oct-18 Foundation of God's Government
TMK 293 20-Oct-18 God's Law in the Heart
TMK 294 21-Oct-18 The True Standard of Character
TMK 295 22-Oct-18 The Game of Life
TMK 296 23-Oct-18 Filled With His Fullness
TMK 297 24-Oct-18 Distinct and Separate Ways
TMK 298 25-Oct-18 The Challenge of the Difficult
TMK 299 26-Oct-18 A Marked Distinction
TMK 300 27-Oct-18 Christ's Representatives in the World
TMK 301 28-Oct-18 Where Are You Pitching Your Tent?
TMK 302 29-Oct-18 Who Has Our Friendship?
TMK 303 30-Oct-18 God or Mammon?
TMK 304 31-Oct-18 The Condition of Sonship
TMK 305 01-Nov-18 Shun the World's Pleasures
TMK 306 02-Nov-18 The Adorning That Never Fades
TMK 307 03-Nov-18 Daily Self
TMK 308 04-Nov-18 The Battle Against Intemperance
TMK 309 05-Nov-18 The Christian Race
TMK 310 06-Nov-18 An Example of the Believers
TMK 311 07-Nov-18 God's Peculiar People
TMK 312 08-Nov-18 Dare to Be Different!
TMK 313 09-Nov-18 Privileges Without Limit
TMK 314 10-Nov-18 A Happy Walk With Jesus
TMK 315 11-Nov-18 Count the Cost
TMK 316 12-Nov-18 Cast Out Every Idol
TMK 317 13-Nov-18 Threads in the Web of Humanity
TMK 318 14-Nov-18 Trading on God's Gifts
TMK 319 15-Nov-18 The Religion of Little Things
TMK 320 16-Nov-18 A Day of Reckoning
TMK 321 17-Nov-18 Putting Our Gifts to Work
TMK 322 18-Nov-18 Instruments of Righteousness
TMK 323 19-Nov-18 For the Master's Use
TMK 324 20-Nov-18 Work Where You Are
TMK 325 21-Nov-18 "Faithful in That Which Is Least"
TMK 326 22-Nov-18 No Room for Shirkers
TMK 327 23-Nov-18 Serve the Lord Heartily
TMK 328 24-Nov-18 "Bear Ye One Another's Burdens"
TMK 329 25-Nov-18 Sweet Music in Heaven
TMK 330 26-Nov-18 Channels of Light and Blessing
TMK 331 27-Nov-18 Repeating Christ's Invitation
TMK 332 28-Nov-18 An Inexhaustible Storehouse
TMK 333 29-Nov-18 Christ is Our Message!
TMK 334 30-Nov-18 Fullness of the Godhead
TMK 335 01-Dec-18 Exalting the Man of Calvary
TMK 336 02-Dec-18 Now is the Time to Shine
TMK 337 03-Dec-18 Light for a World in Darkness
TMK 338 04-Dec-18 Pledge of Divine Power
TMK 339 05-Dec-18 Revealing Christ in the Crisis
TMK 340 06-Dec-18 Fortress of the Soul
TMK 341 07-Dec-18 Brighter and Brighter Still
TMK 342 08-Dec-18 He is Coming Again!
TMK 343 09-Dec-18 Why the Lord Delays
TMK 344 10-Dec-18 The Revelation of Character
TMK 345 11-Dec-18 Watch! Watch! Watch!
TMK 346 12-Dec-18 Standing Firm in Days of Peril
TMK 347 13-Dec-18 Qualifications of Heavenly Citizenship
TMK 348 14-Dec-18 Crisis of the Ages
TMK 349 15-Dec-18 A Safe Hiding Place
TMK 350 16-Dec-18 It Will Not Be Long
TMK 351 17-Dec-18 The Best Specification We Can Have
TMK 352 18-Dec-18 A Constant Readiness
TMK 353 19-Dec-18 The Day of Final Settlement
TMK 354 20-Dec-18 Fear Not, Child of God
TMK 355 21-Dec-18 Robed in His Perfection
TMK 356 22-Dec-18 On the Threshold of Eternity
TMK 357 23-Dec-18 An Abiding Place for You
TMK 358 24-Dec-18 We Shall See His Face
TMK 359 25-Dec-18 Mysteries Yet to Be Unfolded
TMK 360 26-Dec-18 Triumph of God's Love
TMK 361 27-Dec-18 The Fulfillment of God's Purpose
TMK 362 28-Dec-18 The Joy Set Before Him
TMK 363 29-Dec-18 The Results of Christ's Travail
TMK 364 30-Dec-18 Eternity Before Us
TMK 365 31-Dec-18 Home at Last!

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