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“Our High Calling”

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List of chapters in “Our High Calling”

Chapter Date Title
OHC 1 01-Jan-18 Happy New Year!
OHC 2 02-Jan-18 Which Way?
OHC 3 03-Jan-18 Compassed With God's Mercy
OHC 4 04-Jan-18 Blessings to Cheer Us
OHC 5 05-Jan-18 Perils to Shun
OHC 6 06-Jan-18 The Bridge Love Built
OHC 7 07-Jan-18 The One Vast Gift of God
OHC 8 08-Jan-18 Calling All Youth!
OHC 9 09-Jan-18 Mine to Choose
OHC 10 10-Jan-18 A Safe Guide
OHC 11 11-Jan-18 Children of the Heavenly King
OHC 12 12-Jan-18 Whosoever Means Me
OHC 13 13-Jan-18 Rich Currents of Grace
OHC 14 14-Jan-18 Look and Live
OHC 15 15-Jan-18 A Higher Standard
OHC 16 16-Jan-18 Strong in the Lord
OHC 17 17-Jan-18 Angels to Guard Us
OHC 18 18-Jan-18 Promises to those Who Obey
OHC 19 19-Jan-18 Our Only Safety
OHC 20 20-Jan-18 Light or Shadow?
OHC 21 21-Jan-18 Hope for the Hopeless
OHC 22 22-Jan-18 Never Absent from the Mind of God
OHC 23 23-Jan-18 To Be Like Christ
OHC 24 24-Jan-18 Stay Close to Jesus
OHC 25 25-Jan-18 The Bible a Light for My Way
OHC 26 26-Jan-18 Truth in the Heart
OHC 27 27-Jan-18 Enjoyment of the Truth
OHC 28 28-Jan-18 Truth a Precious Treasure
OHC 29 29-Jan-18 The Bible Without a Rival
OHC 30 30-Jan-18 Sure Remedy for the Soul
OHC 31 31-Jan-18 Storing the Mind with Truth
OHC 32 01-Feb-18 Let Jesus Lead
OHC 33 02-Feb-18 Man More Precious Than Gold
OHC 34 03-Feb-18 I Am Not My Own
OHC 35 04-Feb-18 Purchase of Christ's Blood
OHC 36 05-Feb-18 God Wants His Own Property
OHC 37 06-Feb-18 Take Care of God's Property
OHC 38 07-Feb-18 Take God Into Your Counsel
OHC 39 08-Feb-18 The Cord Let Down from Heaven
OHC 40 09-Feb-18 The Center of my Hope
OHC 41 10-Feb-18 Efficacy of Christ's Blood
OHC 42 11-Feb-18 Christ's Humanity a Golden Chain
OHC 43 12-Feb-18 An Advocate with the Father
OHC 44 13-Feb-18 Connecting Link Between God and Man
OHC 45 14-Feb-18 Faultless in Christ's Perfection
OHC 46 15-Feb-18 The Faith that Justifies
OHC 47 16-Feb-18 Accepted in the Beloved
OHC 48 17-Feb-18 Our Redeemer a Tried Stone
OHC 49 18-Feb-18 Jesus Our Best Friend
OHC 50 19-Feb-18 Jesus is Always Near
OHC 51 20-Feb-18 Our Great Exemplar
OHC 52 21-Feb-18 Reflecting Christ's Image
OHC 53 22-Feb-18 In Love with Christ
OHC 54 23-Feb-18 To God Be the Glory
OHC 55 24-Feb-18 The Highest Exercise of Our Powers
OHC 56 25-Feb-18 Follow On to Know the Lord
OHC 57 26-Feb-18 The Girdle of Gladness
OHC 58 27-Feb-18 Life with a Purpose
OHC 59 28-Feb-18 Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory
OHC 60 01-Mar-18 Christ, the Ladder to Heaven
OHC 61 02-Mar-18 The Precious Treasure of Faith
OHC 62 03-Mar-18 Virtue and Knowledge
OHC 63 04-Mar-18 "And to Knowledge Temperance"
OHC 64 05-Mar-18 The Perfect Work of Patience
OHC 65 06-Mar-18 "To Patience Godliness"
OHC 66 07-Mar-18 The Virtue of Brotherly Kindness
OHC 67 08-Mar-18 Charity the Topmost Round
OHC 68 09-Mar-18 Make Your Calling and Election Sure
OHC 69 10-Mar-18 Holding Fast to Christ, the Ladder
OHC 70 11-Mar-18 The Privilege of Assurance
OHC 71 12-Mar-18 Chosen of God
OHC 72 13-Mar-18 Fullness of Christ's Ransom
OHC 73 14-Mar-18 God Calls for Our Best Affections
OHC 74 15-Mar-18 Which Captain?
OHC 75 16-Mar-18 The Cause of All Our Woes
OHC 76 17-Mar-18 In Self
OHC 77 18-Mar-18 Full Provision for Pardon
OHC 78 19-Mar-18 Building for Eternity
OHC 79 20-Mar-18 Give No Place to Temptation
OHC 80 21-Mar-18 Above the Fog of Doubt
OHC 81 22-Mar-18 Progressive Conquest of Evil
OHC 82 23-Mar-18 Beware of Satan's Devices
OHC 83 24-Mar-18 How Satan's Power is Broken
OHC 84 25-Mar-18 Not Saved by Proxy
OHC 85 26-Mar-18 God's Part and Mine
OHC 86 27-Mar-18 The Struggle of Unseen Forces
OHC 87 28-Mar-18 Christ's Example in Overcoming
OHC 88 29-Mar-18 How to Maintain Your Integrity!
OHC 89 30-Mar-18 Success in Resistance
OHC 90 31-Mar-18 The Closer, the Safer
OHC 91 01-Apr-18 "Come Unto Me"
OHC 92 02-Apr-18 Rest for the Restless
OHC 93 03-Apr-18 "Learn of Me"
OHC 94 04-Apr-18 Wearing Christ's Yoke
OHC 95 05-Apr-18 Learning in Christ's School
OHC 96 06-Apr-18 Preparing for the Higher School
OHC 97 07-Apr-18 The True Force of the Will
OHC 98 08-Apr-18 When My Will is Safe
OHC 99 09-Apr-18 A Submissive Will
OHC 100 10-Apr-18 Cultivating God's Garden
OHC 101 11-Apr-18 In Unison with God
OHC 102 12-Apr-18 "Let this Mind be in You"
OHC 103 13-Apr-18 The Influence of Mind on Mind
OHC 104 14-Apr-18 Entangled Minds
OHC 105 15-Apr-18 Preoccupying the Mind
OHC 106 16-Apr-18 Training the Thoughts
OHC 107 17-Apr-18 How to Discipline the Mind
OHC 108 18-Apr-18 Proper Level of the Human Mind
OHC 109 19-Apr-18 The Brightest Subject of Our Thoughts
OHC 110 20-Apr-18 Time for Meditation
OHC 111 21-Apr-18 What is Faith?
OHC 112 22-Apr-18 Saved by God's Grace
OHC 113 23-Apr-18 Feeling Not a Safe Guide
OHC 114 24-Apr-18 Feeling and Faith Distinct
OHC 115 25-Apr-18 Faith that Works and Purifies
OHC 116 26-Apr-18 The Place of Good Works
OHC 117 27-Apr-18 Don't Be a Pretender
OHC 118 28-Apr-18 Hold Your Position Hour by Hour
OHC 119 29-Apr-18 Strength for Today
OHC 120 30-Apr-18 Victory After Victory
OHC 121 01-May-18 Prayer, the Channel of All Blessings
OHC 122 02-May-18 An Open Door to God's Throne
OHC 123 03-May-18 Blessings for Those Who Ask
OHC 124 04-May-18 Learn How to Pray
OHC 125 05-May-18 Seek God with All the Heart
OHC 126 06-May-18 Victory Through Watchfulness
OHC 127 07-May-18 Humble, Persevering Prayer
OHC 128 08-May-18 Wait for God's Answer
OHC 129 09-May-18 Mementos in Memory's Halls
OHC 130 10-May-18 On the Mount Before God
OHC 131 11-May-18 God's Law a Wall of Protection
OHC 132 12-May-18 A Complete Rule of Life
OHC 133 13-May-18 Weighing in for Heaven
OHC 134 14-May-18 Heart Allegiance
OHC 135 15-May-18 Blending the Law and Gospel
OHC 136 16-May-18 Pathway to Purity
OHC 137 17-May-18 An Enlightened Conscience
OHC 138 18-May-18 Fruit-Bearing Branches
OHC 139 19-May-18 Abiding in Christ
OHC 140 20-May-18 The Source of My Strength
OHC 141 21-May-18 Rejoicing in Assurance
OHC 142 22-May-18 Most Happy People on Earth
OHC 143 23-May-18 Friendship with Jesus
OHC 144 24-May-18 Jesus' Crowning Gift
OHC 145 25-May-18 Spirit Given on Condition
OHC 146 26-May-18 Christ's Representative
OHC 147 27-May-18 Yielding to the Spirit's Control
OHC 148 28-May-18 Revealer of Christ's Grace
OHC 149 29-May-18 The Time of the Spirit's Power
OHC 150 30-May-18 Pledge of Our Acceptance
OHC 151 31-May-18 Three Mighty Helpers
OHC 152 01-Jun-18 Summertime with God
OHC 153 02-Jun-18 The Sign of the New Heart
OHC 154 03-Jun-18 Beware of the Hard Heart
OHC 155 04-Jun-18 The Work of Heart
OHC 156 05-Jun-18 Who Has Control of My Life?
OHC 157 06-Jun-18 Soldiers on Life's Battlefield
OHC 158 07-Jun-18 The Court of Holy Life
OHC 159 08-Jun-18 In the Workshop of God
OHC 160 09-Jun-18 The Blessings of Christian Fellowship
OHC 161 10-Jun-18 One with the Church Above
OHC 162 11-Jun-18 Most Precious of All Meetings
OHC 163 12-Jun-18 Unity in Diversity
OHC 164 13-Jun-18 United in Christ
OHC 165 14-Jun-18 One Great Brotherhood
OHC 166 15-Jun-18 Victory Over Every Foe
OHC 167 16-Jun-18 The Golden Chain of Love
OHC 168 17-Jun-18 Under the Yoke of Christ
OHC 169 18-Jun-18 The Outflow of Love
OHC 170 19-Jun-18 The Silken Cord that Binds Hearts
OHC 171 20-Jun-18 Help for the Erring One
OHC 172 21-Jun-18 One to a Hundred
OHC 173 22-Jun-18 All Honor to the Peacemakers!
OHC 174 23-Jun-18 No Caste with God
OHC 175 24-Jun-18 Root Out the Poisonous Plants
OHC 176 25-Jun-18 Helping One Another
OHC 177 26-Jun-18 The Grace of Sympathy
OHC 178 27-Jun-18 "Who is My Neighbour?"
OHC 179 28-Jun-18 In the Footsteps of Jesus
OHC 180 29-Jun-18 Joy in Humble Service
OHC 181 30-Jun-18 The Precious Treasure of Time
OHC 182 01-Jul-18 More, More, More!
OHC 183 02-Jul-18 The Peril of Prosperity
OHC 184 03-Jul-18 Agents to Relieve Distress
OHC 185 04-Jul-18 Nothing Too Precious to Give to God
OHC 186 05-Jul-18 How Does Your Account Stand?
OHC 187 06-Jul-18 When Loss is Gain
OHC 188 07-Jul-18 A Curse or a Blessing?
OHC 189 08-Jul-18 A Bank That Never Fails
OHC 190 09-Jul-18 The Smiles of God
OHC 191 10-Jul-18 The Gift God Accepts
OHC 192 11-Jul-18 God's Merciful Helping Hand
OHC 193 12-Jul-18 Sweetness of Self
OHC 194 13-Jul-18 A Test of Character
OHC 195 14-Jul-18 Do We Really Sacrifice?
OHC 196 15-Jul-18 Truth an Antidote for Evil
OHC 197 16-Jul-18 With Eyes of Faith
OHC 198 17-Jul-18 Working the Mines of Truth
OHC 199 18-Jul-18 How to Study the Bible
OHC 200 19-Jul-18 The Bible Speaks to Me
OHC 201 20-Jul-18 "It is Written"
OHC 202 21-Jul-18 Leaves from the Tree of Life
OHC 203 22-Jul-18 The Bread that Satisfies
OHC 204 23-Jul-18 As a Wall of Fire Against Temptation
OHC 205 24-Jul-18 Truth Continually Unfolding
OHC 206 25-Jul-18 Sanctifying Power of Truth
OHC 207 26-Jul-18 "Holier, Yea Holier Still"
OHC 208 27-Jul-18 The Secret of Holiness
OHC 209 28-Jul-18 A Daily Experience in Conversion
OHC 210 29-Jul-18 In the Sunlight of Christ
OHC 211 30-Jul-18 How to Grow in Grace
OHC 212 31-Jul-18 "Almost to the Excellence of the Angels"
OHC 213 01-Aug-18 Necessity of Self
OHC 214 02-Aug-18 Choosing My Lifework
OHC 215 03-Aug-18 Meditation with Diligent Work
OHC 216 04-Aug-18 The Peril of "Nothing to Do"
OHC 217 05-Aug-18 The Blessing of Work
OHC 218 06-Aug-18 Sustained Versus Spasmodic Effort
OHC 219 07-Aug-18 God Concerned with Every Transaction
OHC 220 08-Aug-18 Cultivate Honesty
OHC 221 09-Aug-18 Great in God's Sight
OHC 222 10-Aug-18 Benefits of Regularity and Order
OHC 223 11-Aug-18 Big Little Things
OHC 224 12-Aug-18 Order and Cleanliness
OHC 225 13-Aug-18 Love's Fragrant Outreach
OHC 226 14-Aug-18 Why Look for Flaws?
OHC 227 15-Aug-18 Criticism Not Our Work
OHC 228 16-Aug-18 Overcoming Envy and Jealousy
OHC 229 17-Aug-18 How to Deal with Anger
OHC 230 18-Aug-18 The Fragrant Touch of Courtesy
OHC 231 19-Aug-18 "A System of Truest Politeness"
OHC 232 20-Aug-18 An Irresistible Influence
OHC 233 21-Aug-18 Cherishing the Spirit of Jesus
OHC 234 22-Aug-18 "Not Easily Provoked"
OHC 235 23-Aug-18 Has Religion Made You Better?
OHC 236 24-Aug-18 The Secret of Contentment
OHC 237 25-Aug-18 Watch Your Step!
OHC 238 26-Aug-18 Habits and Character Building
OHC 239 27-Aug-18 Blessings Diffusive as Sunlight
OHC 240 28-Aug-18 Studying the Character of Christ
OHC 241 29-Aug-18 A Strong Fortress of Truth
OHC 242 30-Aug-18 The Way to Look at Things
OHC 243 31-Aug-18 Hold High the Standard
OHC 244 01-Sep-18 Reminders of Our Heavenly Home
OHC 245 02-Sep-18 Nature Speaks of God
OHC 246 03-Sep-18 A School for Mind and Morals
OHC 247 04-Sep-18 God's Great Reservoirs
OHC 248 05-Sep-18 Fragrance in our Lifework
OHC 249 06-Sep-18 A Pure Moral Atmosphere
OHC 250 07-Sep-18 Be Selective!
OHC 251 08-Sep-18 Guard Your Affections
OHC 252 09-Sep-18 You Must Choose Your Company
OHC 253 10-Sep-18 A Friend to the Friendless
OHC 254 11-Sep-18 Graces Increased by Exercise
OHC 255 12-Sep-18 Make Your Mark in the World
OHC 256 13-Sep-18 The Home Training Ground
OHC 257 14-Sep-18 Teach the Source of True Happiness
OHC 258 15-Sep-18 Obedience an Element of Greatness
OHC 259 16-Sep-18 The Sacred Temple of the Body
OHC 260 17-Sep-18 The Sure Penalty of Self
OHC 261 18-Sep-18 The Light of Health Reform
OHC 262 19-Sep-18 A Perfected People
OHC 263 20-Sep-18 The Reward of Temperate Habits
OHC 264 21-Sep-18 A Sound Mind in a Sound Body
OHC 265 22-Sep-18 A Distinction in Dress
OHC 266 23-Sep-18 The Charm of Simplicity
OHC 267 24-Sep-18 A Mark of Christian Womanhood
OHC 268 25-Sep-18 The Beauty of Christlikeness
OHC 269 26-Sep-18 Consecrated Eyes
OHC 270 27-Sep-18 Be Careful What You Read
OHC 271 28-Sep-18 Chaff or Wheat?
OHC 272 29-Sep-18 Walking with God in a Corrupt World
OHC 273 30-Sep-18 Youth to Stand Up for Christ
OHC 274 01-Oct-18 Don't Starve Your Soul!
OHC 275 02-Oct-18 The Better Part
OHC 276 03-Oct-18 Youthful Zeal and Courage Needed
OHC 277 04-Oct-18 Are We Guilty?
OHC 278 05-Oct-18 The Only Safe Amusements
OHC 279 06-Oct-18 Breaking the World's Enchantment
OHC 280 07-Oct-18 First Things First
OHC 281 08-Oct-18 Subject to God's Call
OHC 282 09-Oct-18 Heaven Cheap at Any Price
OHC 283 10-Oct-18 Talents for Everyone
OHC 284 11-Oct-18 How are you Using your Talents?
OHC 285 12-Oct-18 Speech a Precious Talent
OHC 286 13-Oct-18 An Index to Character
OHC 287 14-Oct-18 When Silence is Eloquence
OHC 288 15-Oct-18 Words that Bring Sunshine and Joy
OHC 289 16-Oct-18 Words Like Apples of Gold
OHC 290 17-Oct-18 Christians Like the Sunlight
OHC 291 18-Oct-18 Let Your Light Shine
OHC 292 19-Oct-18 Faithful Where You Are
OHC 293 20-Oct-18 Character of Christ's Ambassadors
OHC 294 21-Oct-18 Do I Rightly Represent my Lord?
OHC 295 22-Oct-18 Planting Seeds of Truth
OHC 296 23-Oct-18 Watch, Pray, Work
OHC 297 24-Oct-18 "To Every Man His Work"
OHC 298 25-Oct-18 A Little Church in the Home
OHC 299 26-Oct-18 No Middle Ground in God's Service
OHC 300 27-Oct-18 Rewards of Service
OHC 301 28-Oct-18 Beware of Self
OHC 302 29-Oct-18 Energy in the Christian Race
OHC 303 30-Oct-18 "Take Heed Unto Thyself"
OHC 304 31-Oct-18 Laborers Together with God
OHC 305 01-Nov-18 Have You Counted the Cost?
OHC 306 02-Nov-18 Will You Bear the Refiner's Fire?
OHC 307 03-Nov-18 Joy Through Suffering with Christ
OHC 308 04-Nov-18 Token of the Everlasting Covenant
OHC 309 05-Nov-18 God Speaks Through the Silence
OHC 310 06-Nov-18 The Training Necessary for Heaven
OHC 311 07-Nov-18 God Knows What is Best
OHC 312 08-Nov-18 All Things Work Together
OHC 313 09-Nov-18 Seeing the Unseen
OHC 314 10-Nov-18 No Power can Separate from Christ
OHC 315 11-Nov-18 The Crucible of Trouble
OHC 316 12-Nov-18 A Jewel or a Pebble?
OHC 317 13-Nov-18 God Measures Every Trial
OHC 318 14-Nov-18 Faith Must Pierce the Gloom
OHC 319 15-Nov-18 "I Tasted the Lord's Goodness"
OHC 320 16-Nov-18 Rejoice!
OHC 321 17-Nov-18 Peace in Affliction
OHC 322 18-Nov-18 Christ's Legacy of Peace
OHC 323 19-Nov-18 The Foundation of All True Peace
OHC 324 20-Nov-18 A Superficial Experience Not Enough
OHC 325 21-Nov-18 Rooted in Christ
OHC 326 22-Nov-18 No Taproot?
OHC 327 23-Nov-18 The Stamina of Pure Religion
OHC 328 24-Nov-18 A Time to be Blind and Deaf
OHC 329 25-Nov-18 Let God's Hand Mold the Clay
OHC 330 26-Nov-18 Examine Yourselves
OHC 331 27-Nov-18 "Keep Thyself Pure"
OHC 332 28-Nov-18 "On Unto Perfection"
OHC 333 29-Nov-18 Seeing Him Who is Invisible
OHC 334 30-Nov-18 Charmed with Christ's Love
OHC 335 01-Dec-18 Show Your Colors!
OHC 336 02-Dec-18 No Patchwork Religion!
OHC 337 03-Dec-18 God's Special Sign
OHC 338 04-Dec-18 In the Testing Time
OHC 339 05-Dec-18 A Distinct and Peculiar People
OHC 340 06-Dec-18 High Time to Awake
OHC 341 07-Dec-18 Where Apostasy Begins
OHC 342 08-Dec-18 Am I a Laodicean?
OHC 343 09-Dec-18 The Rags of Self
OHC 344 10-Dec-18 The Spotless Robe of Christ's Righteousness
OHC 345 11-Dec-18 A Message Full of Encouragement
OHC 346 12-Dec-18 Will You Open the Door?
OHC 347 13-Dec-18 Victory is Assured
OHC 348 14-Dec-18 Unmoved in a Shaken World
OHC 349 15-Dec-18 A Crisis Before Us
OHC 350 16-Dec-18 Are You Ready for the Testing?
OHC 351 17-Dec-18 Out of the Lion's Mouth
OHC 352 18-Dec-18 In the Midst of the Fire
OHC 353 19-Dec-18 The Struggle Against Wind and Tide
OHC 354 20-Dec-18 The Most Dangerous of Foes
OHC 355 21-Dec-18 The Cross Before the Crown
OHC 356 22-Dec-18 On Guard Every Moment
OHC 357 23-Dec-18 Crowns for the Faithful
OHC 358 24-Dec-18 Aim High!
OHC 359 25-Dec-18 The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
OHC 360 26-Dec-18 Filled with God's Fullness
OHC 361 27-Dec-18 Almost Home!
OHC 362 28-Dec-18 In the Inner Circle
OHC 363 29-Dec-18 Let's Take Inventory
OHC 364 30-Dec-18 Bury All Bitterness
OHC 365 31-Dec-18 The Prize of Our High Calling

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