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The Words of this Book

Categories: Poetry

(An Ode to the Bible)

A Father who loves us, His goodness imparts
He is desperately trying to access our hearts
To heal and restore us, great planning He took
To make sure we got access to the words of this Book.

The wonders of nature in the sky and coastline,
The animals and plants (by intelligent design),
The beauty that’s found in each lake, stream and brook,
That wonderful Creator is revealed in this Book.

The lessons of history, the future proposed;
Mysteries revealed, and deceptions exposed,
The truth of all things, but a wonderful outlook
Can truly be found in the words of this Book.

I pray that this gift does for you what it did me,
That you find your true purpose, become all you can be
through the God that sustains you; I humbly betook
To share the Source of true power… revealed in this Book.

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