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Master, the Tempest is Raging (Stronger)

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This is one of the more challenging pieces I’ve attempted. The original piece had a specific rhyming pattern and style… masterful and unique, but tough to replicate, in an original way. 🙂

This piece will have more meaning to you if you’ve heard the song before. I’ll leave a link to the original at the bottom of the piece. I retained the conversational style of the piece: the disciple worrying in the verse, and Jesus answering in the chorus.

* * *

Master, the Tempest is Raging (Stronger)

Master, the tempest is raging!
Tsunamis are raging high!
There are earthquakes in diverse places,
It seems devastation is nigh!
Look at the carnage in Japan,
It’s only the start of the year!
I do not think that I can make it!
I’m sure to collapse in fear!

The winds and the waves, they obey My will…
Please! Be stiiiiiiiiill!
Maybe you’re watching too much TV.
Paying attention to details, but ignoring Me;
You know the Richter scales, monitoring rip tides,
But I made the Red Sea stand tall on two sides!
I can bring a tsunami right down to a rill!
Peace, be still. You just chill.
Stop worrying so… you’ll make yourself ill!
Please, please! Be still!

But Master, the economy is waning!
These prices are reaching the sky!
Even the necessities expensive,
Soon oxygen I’ll have to buy!
Carest not Thou for my pocket?
My bills ate my salary!
My dream home and car disappearing,
It seems there’s no future for me!

The sun, and nature obey My will…
Please! Be stiiiiiiiiill!
Sunlight is abundant, and nothing to pay,
But you’re missing its benefits if you’re inside all day,
And your ‘Globalisation’ has multiplied greed,
But can’t stop My provision for My children’s need!
I’ll send you a raven with food in it’s bill!
Peace, be still. You just chill.
I’ve made a nice mansion. Just hang tight until.
Please, please! Be still!

Master, but man has become wicked,
And thinks evil continually;
I’ve never seen so much selfishness;
Seems the only motivation is money!
They’re launching attacks on Your people
Chastising us because of our God!
And they’re bringing in heavy artillery
When we have neither gun, nor sword!

Even a man’s heartbeat obeys My will…
Please! Be stiiiiiiiiill!
Whatever they plan, they are no match for Me.
They’re full of themselves, as you plainly can see.
But forget not your history. It’s still the same game.
They may change all the players, but the result’s still the same.
Their grandiose plans they shall not fulfil!
Peace, be still. You just chill.
Weapons formed against thee… well, they make good landfill.
Please, please! Be still!

* * *

(Original found at: . This page has an mp3 of a choir actually singing it.)

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