Project: StarNet



Sport Competition Management.

StarNet features multimedia scoreboards, live logging of in-game events, statistical analysis and more!

About StarNet...

StarNet is a software solution for sport competition management. It targets four major areas:

  • Tournament Management
  • Multimedia Display
  • In-game Event Logging
  • Statistical Analysis

Other facts about StarNet:

  • StarNet features a scoreboard that shows the points and info for both teams, Game Clocks, and more.
  • StarNet can optionally record the player events (e.g. Fouls, Points, Assists).
  • StarNet pushes the information through a projector, so that the crowd can view the scoreboard, and statistics of the game.
  • StarNet can play sound effects during the game. Buzzers when the game clocks expire, Substitution horn when players are substituted, “Defence!” chants for home crowds during gameplay.
  • StarNet has been used successfully in actual games:
    • at the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) Alumni Weekend Celebrations in March 2011;
    • more recently at USC's 'La Coupe' Basketball Tournament in 2016.


Tournament/Game Intro

Custom-made for each tournament/game.

Starting Line-ups: Intro and Player data

Each team, with its players, are introduced at the start of the game. The primary colours of each team are used - in this case, Red and White.

Each player's Position, Name, Number and Nickname (if provided) is displayed.

Main Scoreboard

This screen displays the points for each team, using the primary colours for each team for the headers (T & T: Red and White, East Carib: Blue and White).

The Shot and Game Clocks are also displayed - these values are in sync with the actual shot and game clocks themselves, so that players and referees are aware of the game situation at all times.

The points are also dynamically updated.

Also featured are the title of the game ('Semi-Final Game #1), and the Period (4th quarter).

Alternate Scoreboard

This is one of the alternate scoreboards that are displayed during the game. It features the Score and Team Details (using primary colours), The Tournament Title and the Game Title.

Player Statistics

When players' event are captured/logged, Player Statistics for any player can be displayed.

The stats are not limited to those shown above: also available are Rebounds (Defensive or Offensive), Field Goals Percentages, Assists, Steals, and more.

Ball Possession

Possession arrows easily indicate the team that gets the ball if the referee needs to arbitrate a call.

The teams' primary colours are used to decorate the indicators.


Subtitutions are shown by indicating the players involved, as well as an animation that shows the incoming and outgoing players switchinh sides.

Player Events

StarNet can announce an event during the game... whether a player has fouled, scored, taken a rebound, et cetera.

Any event that takes place during the game can be announced.

An additional bit information can also be displayed with the event -- in this case, the total number of fouls has been displayed.

Team Statistics

Also helpful are the team statistics during the game -- Timeouts Remaining and Team Fouls.

Team Information and primary colours are used to decorate this screen.


This screen allows for miscellaneous announcements during the game.

More Information

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