“A Day to be Remembered”


by Walter Veith

In this intriguing lecture, the creation week is presented emphasizing the relationship between the Creator and the creation answering question such as : Who is the Creator? What is the significance of the seventh-day of creation and what impact does it have on our lives today? Was the seventh day a Jewish institution or did ir originate in Eden? An in-depth rediscovery of the day of rest.

The Genesis Conflict Series:

  1. The Earth in Time and Space Walter Veith
  2. A Universal Flood Walter Veith
  3. Bones in Stones Walter Veith
  4. Where Mammals Reigned Walter Veith
  5. The Genes of Genesis Walter Veith
  6. Creation to Restoration Walter Veith
  7. A Day to be Remembered Walter Veith
  8. The Spade Unearths the Truth Walter Veith

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