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“Reflecting Christ”

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List of chapters in “Reflecting Christ”

Chapter Date Title
RC 1 01-Jan-18 Christ--One With The Father
RC 2 02-Jan-18 A Teacher Sent From God
RC 3 03-Jan-18 Christ Sacrificed Himself For Us
RC 4 04-Jan-18 Christ Supplies Us With Living Water
RC 5 05-Jan-18 Christ's Compassion Knew No Limit
RC 6 06-Jan-18 Changed into His Image
RC 7 07-Jan-18 Christ Inspires Souls with Confidence in God
RC 8 08-Jan-18 By the Eye of Faith Christ is Present Ever
RC 9 09-Jan-18 Christ Bridged the Gulf Caused by Sin
RC 10 10-Jan-18 The Image of the Divine to Shine Through
RC 11 11-Jan-18 Christ Brought Spiritual and Physical Healing
RC 12 12-Jan-18 Christ's Words Carried Impelling Power
RC 13 13-Jan-18 Christ Recognized the Dignity of Humanity
RC 14 14-Jan-18 Christ Acknowledged the Rights of Everyone
RC 15 15-Jan-18 Christ was No Respecter of Persons
RC 16 16-Jan-18 Christ Our Example in True Courtesy
RC 17 17-Jan-18 Christ An Example In Social Power
RC 18 18-Jan-18 All To Reveal Christ's Spirit And Power
RC 19 19-Jan-18 The Revelation Of God's Love In The Cross
RC 20 20-Jan-18 Christ's Glory Shines On The Thief
RC 21 21-Jan-18 As Our Example Christ Is All And In All
RC 22 22-Jan-18 Christ Is The Truth
RC 23 23-Jan-18 Christ a Perfect Example for All
RC 24 24-Jan-18 Christ "The Prince of Peace"
RC 25 25-Jan-18 The Personality of God Revealed in Christ
RC 26 26-Jan-18 Jesus is Our Example
RC 27 27-Jan-18 Jesus Provided a Model of Character
RC 28 28-Jan-18 Christ Filled His Disciples' Thoughts
RC 29 29-Jan-18 Christ Revealed The Riches Of Heaven
RC 30 30-Jan-18 Christ's Followers To Do Greater Works Than He
RC 31 31-Jan-18 Christ The Channel Of Saving Grace
RC 32 01-Feb-18 A Revelation Of God's Will And Character
RC 33 02-Feb-18 Sinners Brought Into Harmony With The Law
RC 34 03-Feb-18 God's Law Is The Standard Of Character
RC 35 04-Feb-18 True Followers Obey God's Law
RC 36 05-Feb-18 God's Law Is Changeless
RC 37 06-Feb-18 God's Law Is The Law Of Love
RC 38 07-Feb-18 Individual Accountability
RC 39 08-Feb-18 Christ Came To Magnify His Law
RC 40 09-Feb-18 How We Magnify The Law
RC 41 10-Feb-18 The Law, As A Mirror, Reveals Sin
RC 42 11-Feb-18 The Law Of God Versus The Law Of Self
RC 43 12-Feb-18 No Compromise With Evil
RC 44 13-Feb-18 God Reveals His Justice And Love
RC 45 14-Feb-18 Truth Must Be Practiced In The Life
RC 46 15-Feb-18 God's Authority Forever Established
RC 47 16-Feb-18 Principles That Underlie The Law Of God
RC 48 17-Feb-18 The Standard In The Judgment
RC 49 18-Feb-18 How We May Keep God's Law
RC 50 19-Feb-18 The Meaning Of God's Law
RC 51 20-Feb-18 Study Christ's Character And Become Like Him
RC 52 21-Feb-18 True Charity Will Not Compromise With Evil
RC 53 22-Feb-18 The Spirituality Of The Law
RC 54 23-Feb-18 The New Covenant Promise
RC 55 24-Feb-18 God's Law A Hedge Against Evil
RC 56 25-Feb-18 Every Soul To Be Treated With Respect
RC 57 26-Feb-18 Christians To Be As Transparent As Sunlight
RC 58 27-Feb-18 God's Law Of Forgiving Love
RC 59 28-Feb-18 God's Law Of Love Perfected In Us
RC 60 01-Mar-18 Justification By Faith
RC 61 02-Mar-18 The Repentant Sinner Accepted in Christ
RC 62 03-Mar-18 We Are Complete In Christ
RC 63 04-Mar-18 Christ's Blood Was Shed To Remit Our Sins
RC 64 05-Mar-18 Justified Souls Walk In The Light
RC 65 06-Mar-18 Faith Without Works Is Dead
RC 66 07-Mar-18 Sanctification Continues As Long As Life Lasts
RC 67 08-Mar-18 Sanctification Is The Result Of Lifelong Obedience
RC 68 09-Mar-18 More Attention To "The Faith Of Jesus"
RC 69 10-Mar-18 Testing Time Reveals Faith And Love
RC 70 11-Mar-18 Sanctification Embraces The Entire Being
RC 71 12-Mar-18 Daniel Stands Firm Whatever The Result
RC 72 13-Mar-18 Daniel's Life Illustrates Sanctification
RC 73 14-Mar-18 In The Presence Of The Infinite
RC 74 15-Mar-18 Three Hebrews Display The Power Of God
RC 75 16-Mar-18 How The King Recognized The Son Of God
RC 76 17-Mar-18 God Answers Daniel's Fervent Prayer
RC 77 18-Mar-18 The Truly Sanctified Feel Unworthy
RC 78 19-Mar-18 Love Was That Of A Repentant Sinner
RC 79 20-Mar-18 John Learned Well The Lessons Jesus Taught
RC 80 21-Mar-18 The Contrast Between John And Judas
RC 81 22-Mar-18 Amazed At God's Love
RC 82 23-Mar-18 Love Is Shown By Willing Obedience
RC 83 24-Mar-18 Sanctified By Faith And Obedience
RC 84 25-Mar-18 Paul Emphasizes Sanctification
RC 85 26-Mar-18 Beholding Jesus With The Eye Of Faith
RC 86 27-Mar-18 God Works On Plan Of Multiplication
RC 87 28-Mar-18 God's Word The Means Of Our Sanctification
RC 88 29-Mar-18 The Need For Personal Consecration
RC 89 30-Mar-18 Without Jesus We Can Do Nothing
RC 90 31-Mar-18 United To Christ, We Obtain His Mind
RC 91 01-Apr-18 God's Original Plan Of Communication
RC 92 02-Apr-18 Christ Offers The Riches Of The Universe
RC 93 03-Apr-18 Self Is Hidden And Christ Is Revealed
RC 94 04-Apr-18 What True Surrender To God Involves
RC 95 05-Apr-18 Christ's Love Is A Satisfying Fountain
RC 96 06-Apr-18 We Can Bear The Fruits Of Righteousness
RC 97 07-Apr-18 The Word Of God Is Strong And Powerful
RC 98 08-Apr-18 Truth Must Be Stamped Upon The Heart
RC 99 09-Apr-18 The Light Of Scriptures To Be Cherished
RC 100 10-Apr-18 The Truth Makes Us Free
RC 101 11-Apr-18 The Impress of Deity Seen in His Word
RC 102 12-Apr-18 Meeting Satan With Scripture Weapons
RC 103 13-Apr-18 The Reward of Searching
RC 104 14-Apr-18 Divine Power Obtained Through Prayer
RC 105 15-Apr-18 Wait and Watch and Pray
RC 106 16-Apr-18 Power to Prevail with God and Men
RC 107 17-Apr-18 Praying Believers Should Encircle the World
RC 108 18-Apr-18 Prayer is Appropriate Anytime, Anywhere
RC 109 19-Apr-18 Faith that Works by Love
RC 110 20-Apr-18 By Faith All Things Are Ours
RC 111 21-Apr-18 By Faith Excellence is Developed
RC 112 22-Apr-18 Faith is a Shield for Every Soul
RC 113 23-Apr-18 Faith Qualifies for Us the Royal Line
RC 114 24-Apr-18 How to Gain Spiritual Strength
RC 115 25-Apr-18 The Holy Spirit, Representative of Christ
RC 116 26-Apr-18 Imbued by the Power of the Holy Spirit
RC 117 27-Apr-18 We Cannot Use the Holy Spirit, the Spirit is to Use Us
RC 118 28-Apr-18 The Holy Spirit, Christ's Special Gift
RC 119 29-Apr-18 The Effect of Receiving the Spirit
RC 120 30-Apr-18 We are to Reveal Christ's Love and Joy
RC 121 01-May-18 The Glorious Tree of Life
RC 122 02-May-18 The Universal Dominion of Law
RC 123 03-May-18 The Laws of Nature are the Laws of God
RC 124 04-May-18 Glorify God in our Body and Spirit
RC 125 05-May-18 We are to Reveal the Principles of Heaven
RC 126 06-May-18 Health is a Blessing Few Appreciate
RC 127 07-May-18 Nature Honors those Who Obey Her Laws
RC 128 08-May-18 The Importance of Strict Temperance
RC 129 09-May-18 All of the Living Organism is the Lord's
RC 130 10-May-18 The Relationship Between Flesh and Spirit
RC 131 11-May-18 The Health
RC 132 12-May-18 Each Youth Must Decide for Himself
RC 133 13-May-18 Exercise is Indispensable to Health
RC 134 14-May-18 Appropriate Exercise
RC 135 15-May-18 The Wonders of the Human Body
RC 136 16-May-18 Moral Principles Safeguard the Soul
RC 137 17-May-18 Wrong Physical Habits Affect the Brain
RC 138 18-May-18 Life is a Holy Trust
RC 139 19-May-18 True Religion Promotes Health
RC 140 20-May-18 We are to Value God's Marvelous Works
RC 141 21-May-18 Power to Think and to Do
RC 142 22-May-18 We Receive the Wisdom of Eternity
RC 143 23-May-18 True Standards of Christian Excellence
RC 144 24-May-18 Wisdom that Fulfills God's Purpose
RC 145 25-May-18 Enlightened to Full Radiance
RC 146 26-May-18 Enjoying Life's Real Pleasures
RC 147 27-May-18 The Highway to Health
RC 148 28-May-18 Mental Culture Gained by Bible Study
RC 149 29-May-18 Aim for Continual Advancement
RC 150 30-May-18 Christians to Move Onward and Upward
RC 151 31-May-18 The Temple of God
RC 152 01-Jun-18 Eden, the First Home
RC 153 02-Jun-18 The Influence of a Christian Home
RC 154 03-Jun-18 An Argument Infidels Cannot Resist
RC 155 04-Jun-18 Laying Hold of the Mighty One of Heaven
RC 156 05-Jun-18 Christ Bestows the Graces Needed
RC 157 06-Jun-18 Christ Eases the Burdens of Parents
RC 158 07-Jun-18 Parents to Teach Obedience
RC 159 08-Jun-18 Christ, the Wife and Mother's Strength
RC 160 09-Jun-18 Fathers to Spend Time with Children
RC 161 10-Jun-18 Fathers to Lead Children to Religious Light
RC 162 11-Jun-18 The Work of Both Parents is Important
RC 163 12-Jun-18 Children to Develop Well
RC 164 13-Jun-18 Father as Priest; Mother as Teacher
RC 165 14-Jun-18 Ministers to be Faithful in Family Life
RC 166 15-Jun-18 Parents to Counsel Their Children
RC 167 16-Jun-18 Study the Divine Guidebook in Worship
RC 168 17-Jun-18 The Bible is the Voice of God to Families
RC 169 18-Jun-18 Family Worship not to be Neglected
RC 170 19-Jun-18 Early Training of Children Determines their Future Experience
RC 171 20-Jun-18 Families to Reflect the Goodness of God
RC 172 21-Jun-18 Gentleness and Patience in the Home
RC 173 22-Jun-18 Useful Occupation Better Than Games
RC 174 23-Jun-18 Teach Children to be Workers Together With God
RC 175 24-Jun-18 Family United by Bonds of Love
RC 176 25-Jun-18 Courtesy Should Reign in the Home
RC 177 26-Jun-18 Cheerfulness in the Home Promotes Happiness
RC 178 27-Jun-18 Great Truths Handed Down From Father to Son
RC 179 28-Jun-18 Abraham's Example as a Father
RC 180 29-Jun-18 Abraham Obeyed God's Voice
RC 181 30-Jun-18 Hannah and the Early Life of Samuel
RC 182 01-Jul-18 God's Church to Reflect His Glory
RC 183 02-Jul-18 Every True Christian to be a Light Bearer
RC 184 03-Jul-18 God Glorified in Human Life
RC 185 04-Jul-18 Be One, as Christ and the Father are One
RC 186 05-Jul-18 Perfect Oneness will Give Success
RC 187 06-Jul-18 Prepare to Meet thy God
RC 188 07-Jul-18 Every Member May Render Service
RC 189 08-Jul-18 Let Repentant Ones be Forgiven
RC 190 09-Jul-18 Awake, and Watch for Souls
RC 191 10-Jul-18 Church Members are Blessed to Bless Others
RC 192 11-Jul-18 God Deals with Us as we Deal with Others
RC 193 12-Jul-18 God Honors Them that Honor Him
RC 194 13-Jul-18 The Route to Greater Spiritual Life in the Church
RC 195 14-Jul-18 The Ten Virgins Represent the Church
RC 196 15-Jul-18 Two Classes of Watchers
RC 197 16-Jul-18 The Wise Virgins Let Their Light Shine
RC 198 17-Jul-18 Revelation of God's Glory in Humanity
RC 199 18-Jul-18 Reflecting Light from the Sun of Righteousness
RC 200 19-Jul-18 Christ's Purpose to Sanctify and Cleanse the Church
RC 201 20-Jul-18 "Be Filled with all the Fulness of God"
RC 202 21-Jul-18 Holy Spirit's Power Needed in End
RC 203 22-Jul-18 The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit
RC 204 23-Jul-18 True Religion Needed in the Church Today
RC 205 24-Jul-18 Christ's Followers to Stand Firmly for the Right
RC 206 25-Jul-18 Praise to God has Irresistible Power
RC 207 26-Jul-18 We have a "More Sure Word of Prophecy"
RC 208 27-Jul-18 Cherished Evil Must be Replaced by Christ's Love
RC 209 28-Jul-18 Jesus, the Chief Cornerstone of the Church
RC 210 29-Jul-18 Building of God's Temple Goes Forward
RC 211 30-Jul-18 The Church Will Triumph Over Every Obstacle
RC 212 31-Jul-18 The Church Does Not Fall
RC 213 01-Aug-18 Christ's Commendation to the Merciful
RC 214 02-Aug-18 Jesus Was a Friend to Every Human Being
RC 215 03-Aug-18 Who is My Neighbor?
RC 216 04-Aug-18 Follow the True Medical Missionary Worker
RC 217 05-Aug-18 The World Needs a Revelation of Christ
RC 218 06-Aug-18 Follow Christ in Service and Self
RC 219 07-Aug-18 God's Love Enables Us to Impart Light
RC 220 08-Aug-18 Love, the Ruling Principle of Action
RC 221 09-Aug-18 Reflect Rays of Light to Others
RC 222 10-Aug-18 We May Connect a Soul to Heaven
RC 223 11-Aug-18 Fishers of Men Need the Divine Presence
RC 224 12-Aug-18 The World Needs Health Principles
RC 225 13-Aug-18 Reveal the Preciousness of Jesus
RC 226 14-Aug-18 Present Truth in Love
RC 227 15-Aug-18 Thousands to be Warned in the Cities
RC 228 16-Aug-18 The Fields are Ready to Harvest
RC 229 17-Aug-18 Doing God's Will in Warning the Lost
RC 230 18-Aug-18 Heart Missionaries are Needed
RC 231 19-Aug-18 Success Through House
RC 232 20-Aug-18 Acts of Sympathy Open Doors
RC 233 21-Aug-18 Invite the Youth to your Homes
RC 234 22-Aug-18 Youth to Help Youth
RC 235 23-Aug-18 The Power of Influence
RC 236 24-Aug-18 Press Close to Those Who Need Help
RC 237 25-Aug-18 God Calls Young People
RC 238 26-Aug-18 "Pure Religion" and "My Neighbor" Defined
RC 239 27-Aug-18 Reaching Out Through Literature Evangelism
RC 240 28-Aug-18 The Relief of Physical Needs
RC 241 29-Aug-18 The Ministry of Music
RC 242 30-Aug-18 The Joy of Service for Christ
RC 243 31-Aug-18 The Eternal Reward of Reaching Out
RC 244 01-Sep-18 Be Ready for the Coming of Christ
RC 245 02-Sep-18 Growing Up into Christ
RC 246 03-Sep-18 Our Sufficiency is in Christ Alone
RC 247 04-Sep-18 The Greatest in the Kingdom
RC 248 05-Sep-18 Influence may Bless Thousands
RC 249 06-Sep-18 Acquiring the Divine Beauty of Meekness
RC 250 07-Sep-18 Meekness, an Adorning of the Soul
RC 251 08-Sep-18 An Imperishable Jewel
RC 252 09-Sep-18 Relieving the World's Misery
RC 253 10-Sep-18 Choose the Robe Woven in Heaven's Loom
RC 254 11-Sep-18 The Widow's Mite Measured by Motive
RC 255 12-Sep-18 Using Riches for the Lord
RC 256 13-Sep-18 What the Spirit of Liberality Will Do
RC 257 14-Sep-18 Like Daniel, be Honest and Upright
RC 258 15-Sep-18 Strict Integrity to Mark the Christian
RC 259 16-Sep-18 Living Stones, Aglow with Wondrous Light
RC 260 17-Sep-18 Obedience, the Fruit of Faith
RC 261 18-Sep-18 The Ground of Forgiveness
RC 262 19-Sep-18 Encourage a Spirit of Kindliness
RC 263 20-Sep-18 Keep Christ in View
RC 264 21-Sep-18 Jesus Willed Us Peace
RC 265 22-Sep-18 Discipline Prepares Youth for High Destiny
RC 266 23-Sep-18 Tender Regard for Elderly Workers
RC 267 24-Sep-18 When Infirmities Come, Trust in God
RC 268 25-Sep-18 Cultivate the Talent of Speech
RC 269 26-Sep-18 Speak Evil of No Man
RC 270 27-Sep-18 The Joy of Well
RC 271 28-Sep-18 Pour out Praise and Thanksgiving
RC 272 29-Sep-18 We are to Use Our Time Wisely
RC 273 30-Sep-18 Witnessing by Our Actions
RC 274 01-Oct-18 True Character Radiates from Within
RC 275 02-Oct-18 The World Needs People of Noble Character
RC 276 03-Oct-18 We are to Reflect Christ's Love
RC 277 04-Oct-18 God Alone can Renew the Heart
RC 278 05-Oct-18 The Highest Evidence of Nobility
RC 279 06-Oct-18 SelfControl Through Christ
RC 280 07-Oct-18 Keep Your Will on the Lord's Side
RC 281 08-Oct-18 Daily Prayer, Essential to Growth in Grace
RC 282 09-Oct-18 Divine Power and Human Effort
RC 283 10-Oct-18 Christ Puts on Us His Perfection of Character
RC 284 11-Oct-18 Character is Power
RC 285 12-Oct-18 Set Your Mark High
RC 286 13-Oct-18 We shall Reap What we have Sown
RC 287 14-Oct-18 The Lord Knows All the Thoughts
RC 288 15-Oct-18 A Daily Revealing of Christ's Presence
RC 289 16-Oct-18 Jesus Desires that We Become One with Him
RC 290 17-Oct-18 Treasures of Divine Grace at Our Disposal
RC 291 18-Oct-18 The Truth of God Refines the Taste
RC 292 19-Oct-18 The Building Blocks of Noble Characters
RC 293 20-Oct-18 Transformation of Character Takes Place Here
RC 294 21-Oct-18 What You Think, You are
RC 295 22-Oct-18 Character the Result of Single Acts
RC 296 23-Oct-18 We Abide in Christ by a Living Faith
RC 297 24-Oct-18 The Thoughts must be Centered upon God
RC 298 25-Oct-18 The Science of Christianity
RC 299 26-Oct-18 Living the Character of Christ
RC 300 27-Oct-18 The Knowledge of God Is Vital
RC 301 28-Oct-18 The Necessity of Constant Growth in Grace
RC 302 29-Oct-18 John's Character Reflected Christ
RC 303 30-Oct-18 The Disciples Revealed the Love of Christ
RC 304 31-Oct-18 Contemplating Heavenly Things
RC 305 01-Nov-18 God's Children to be Light Bearers
RC 306 02-Nov-18 Enoch Walked With God
RC 307 03-Nov-18 A Preacher of Righteousness
RC 308 04-Nov-18 Noah Stood Like a Rock
RC 309 05-Nov-18 Noah Proclaimed God's Word with Force
RC 310 06-Nov-18 Abraham's Unquestioning Obedience
RC 311 07-Nov-18 Abraham's Unfaltering Faith
RC 312 08-Nov-18 Joseph Resolves to be True to God
RC 313 09-Nov-18 Jochebed's Influence on Moses
RC 314 10-Nov-18 Moses' Leadership Inspired Confidence
RC 315 11-Nov-18 Deborah's Support for Barak
RC 316 12-Nov-18 Gideon Leads Three Hundred Men to Victory
RC 317 13-Nov-18 Gideon Shows Courtesy to the Ephraimites
RC 318 14-Nov-18 Abigail Reveals Unselfishness and Wisdom
RC 319 15-Nov-18 Abigail's Influence Prevents Tragedy
RC 320 16-Nov-18 David Learns Through Hardship
RC 321 17-Nov-18 Solomon Learns from Suffering
RC 322 18-Nov-18 Elisha Demonstrates Steadfastness
RC 323 19-Nov-18 Captive Maid Shows Concern for Naaman
RC 324 20-Nov-18 Isaiah Responds to God's Call
RC 325 21-Nov-18 John Calls for Repentance
RC 326 22-Nov-18 Jesus Showed Us How to Live
RC 327 23-Nov-18 The Enormous Harvest of a Single Act
RC 328 24-Nov-18 Though Suffering, Paul and Silas Sing
RC 329 25-Nov-18 Lydia's Hospitality
RC 330 26-Nov-18 Paul Warns Against "Tradition" and "Philosophy"
RC 331 27-Nov-18 The Essential Qualification for Service
RC 332 28-Nov-18 Those Who Return to the Old Paths
RC 333 29-Nov-18 Revealing the Triumphs of Grace
RC 334 30-Nov-18 God's People to Reveal Principles
RC 335 01-Dec-18 God Leads Us to Perfect Trust
RC 336 02-Dec-18 We Rejoice in Tribulation
RC 337 03-Dec-18 God has a Tender Care for His People
RC 338 04-Dec-18 We Fight Life's Battles in Christ's Strength
RC 339 05-Dec-18 God Tests Our Loyalty to Him
RC 340 06-Dec-18 Instead of Murmuring, Let Us Exercise Faith
RC 341 07-Dec-18 God's Grace Sweetens Every Affliction
RC 342 08-Dec-18 Whatever Our Trial, Christ is Near
RC 343 09-Dec-18 The Value of Pain
RC 344 10-Dec-18 God Teaches Self
RC 345 11-Dec-18 Meekness Under Trial
RC 346 12-Dec-18 Paul's Godly Life had Irresistible Power
RC 347 13-Dec-18 Peter Strengthened Those Enduring Trial
RC 348 14-Dec-18 Trials Educate, Purify, and Strengthen
RC 349 15-Dec-18 John Met Errors Unflinchingly
RC 350 16-Dec-18 Christ Lifts Us Through Sorrow
RC 351 17-Dec-18 Love for Jesus Makes Suffering Sweet
RC 352 18-Dec-18 Affliction Spreads Knowledge of God
RC 353 19-Dec-18 Watch, and Give Jesus Your Burden
RC 354 20-Dec-18 Christians to Represent Christ in Every Act
RC 355 21-Dec-18 The Scriptures Safeguard Against Deception
RC 356 22-Dec-18 God Works Mightily for His Chosen Ones
RC 357 23-Dec-18 Wrestling with God to Victory
RC 358 24-Dec-18 God's People Protected
RC 359 25-Dec-18 "Glory to God in the Highest"
RC 360 26-Dec-18 The Redeemed Sing, "Worthy is the Lamb!"
RC 361 27-Dec-18 The Deliverance of God's People
RC 362 28-Dec-18 Paul's Triumphant Testimony
RC 363 29-Dec-18 Our Glorious Destiny
RC 364 30-Dec-18 The Pure in Heart to Reflect Christ
RC 365 31-Dec-18 Christians to Reflect the Light of Heaven

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