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“In Heavenly Places”

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List of chapters in “In Heavenly Places”

Chapter Date Title
HP 1 01-Jan-18 "In Heavenly Places"
HP 2 02-Jan-18 Getting Acquainted with God
HP 3 03-Jan-18 Learning of God Through His Works
HP 4 04-Jan-18 Love that is Measureless
HP 5 05-Jan-18 Gift of God's Love
HP 6 06-Jan-18 A Love Born of Mercy
HP 7 07-Jan-18 Only One Redeemer
HP 8 08-Jan-18 The Most Exalted Theme
HP 9 09-Jan-18 Righteousness Through Christ
HP 10 10-Jan-18 Not to Condemn But to Save
HP 11 11-Jan-18 Infinite Power
HP 12 12-Jan-18 Christ the Revelation of God
HP 13 13-Jan-18 A Mutual Contract
HP 14 14-Jan-18 A Change of Heart
HP 15 15-Jan-18 God's Grace Transforms the Life
HP 16 16-Jan-18 A Mighty Unseen Power
HP 17 17-Jan-18 Sure Remedy for Sin
HP 18 18-Jan-18 A New Creation
HP 19 19-Jan-18 The Shepherd's Tender Care
HP 20 20-Jan-18 God Has Chosen Me
HP 21 21-Jan-18 Cooperating With Heaven
HP 22 22-Jan-18 In the Hands of the Potter
HP 23 23-Jan-18 The Heavenly Election
HP 24 24-Jan-18 A Little Heaven Here
HP 25 25-Jan-18 Building for Eternity
HP 26 26-Jan-18 In Right Relation to God
HP 27 27-Jan-18 Fellowship With Christ
HP 28 28-Jan-18 Amazing Grace!
HP 29 29-Jan-18 The Gift of Peace
HP 30 30-Jan-18 From Despair to Hope and Joy
HP 31 31-Jan-18 The Peril of Neglect
HP 32 01-Feb-18 Christ Exemplified God's Law
HP 33 02-Feb-18 Our Link with Heaven
HP 34 03-Feb-18 Wonderful Condescension!
HP 35 04-Feb-18 Mystery of All Mysteries
HP 36 05-Feb-18 Christ Our Sacrifice and Surety
HP 37 06-Feb-18 A Voluntary Sacrifice
HP 38 07-Feb-18 Breaking the Power of Death
HP 39 08-Feb-18 A Friend in the Heavenly Court
HP 40 09-Feb-18 An Honored Guest
HP 41 10-Feb-18 Our Sure Foundation
HP 42 11-Feb-18 Under Which Standard?
HP 43 12-Feb-18 Inestimable Treasure
HP 44 13-Feb-18 Abundantly Pardoned
HP 45 14-Feb-18 Robed in Christ's Righteousness
HP 46 15-Feb-18 In the Sunlight of the Cross
HP 47 16-Feb-18 Under Christ's Yoke
HP 48 17-Feb-18 Only One Pattern
HP 49 18-Feb-18 Abiding in Christ
HP 50 19-Feb-18 One with Christ
HP 51 20-Feb-18 True to Our Name
HP 52 21-Feb-18 How Much Does God Love Us?
HP 53 22-Feb-18 "Partakers of the Divine Nature"
HP 54 23-Feb-18 Living Abundantly
HP 55 24-Feb-18 "Without Offence"
HP 56 25-Feb-18 The Happiest People
HP 57 26-Feb-18 Grace and Dignity in Daily Duties
HP 58 27-Feb-18 "More than Conquerors"
HP 59 28-Feb-18 The Christian's All in All
HP 60 28-Feb-18 "Complete in Him"
HP 61 01-Mar-18 Let Us Ask of God
HP 62 02-Mar-18 Whom God Accepts
HP 63 03-Mar-18 Strength Through Prayer
HP 64 04-Mar-18 Standing in the Light of Heaven
HP 65 05-Mar-18 Letters to Heaven
HP 66 06-Mar-18 Sweet Communion with our Saviour
HP 67 07-Mar-18 Fervent Prayer
HP 68 08-Mar-18 Nothing Too Small
HP 69 09-Mar-18 Prayer Moves Heaven
HP 70 10-Mar-18 Jesus the Mighty Petitioner
HP 71 11-Mar-18 Asking In Christ's Name
HP 72 12-Mar-18 Our Access to the Father
HP 73 13-Mar-18 Our Personal Intercessor
HP 74 14-Mar-18 The Spirit's Intercession
HP 75 15-Mar-18 Ask in Faith
HP 76 16-Mar-18 According to God's Will
HP 77 17-Mar-18 The Secret of Spiritual Power
HP 78 18-Mar-18 The Silent Heart Cry
HP 79 19-Mar-18 Guard Jealously Your Hours for Prayer
HP 80 20-Mar-18 The Secret Place of Prayer
HP 81 21-Mar-18 "With All Your Heart"
HP 82 22-Mar-18 Faith That Will Not Let Go
HP 83 23-Mar-18 The Spirit of Submission
HP 84 24-Mar-18 Prayer in the Home
HP 85 25-Mar-18 The Prayer Meeting a Precious Season
HP 86 26-Mar-18 The Blessings of Fellowship in Prayer
HP 87 27-Mar-18 A Chain of Earnest, Praying Believers
HP 88 28-Mar-18 Reflecting God's Love
HP 89 29-Mar-18 Songs of Praise
HP 90 30-Mar-18 Praising God Before the World
HP 91 31-Mar-18 Watch and Pray
HP 92 01-Apr-18 Angel Guards
HP 93 02-Apr-18 Angels in the Home
HP 94 03-Apr-18 Special Care for the Weak
HP 95 04-Apr-18 I Have a Guardian Angel
HP 96 05-Apr-18 Working with the Angels
HP 97 06-Apr-18 Angel Guidance
HP 98 07-Apr-18 The Act of Faith
HP 99 08-Apr-18 Faith Versus Sight
HP 100 09-Apr-18 The Dangerous Seeds of Doubt
HP 101 10-Apr-18 We Expect Too Little
HP 102 11-Apr-18 The Faith That Avails
HP 103 12-Apr-18 A Working Faith
HP 104 13-Apr-18 How Faith Works
HP 105 14-Apr-18 Trust Yourself with God
HP 106 15-Apr-18 A Test of Faith
HP 107 16-Apr-18 Shun Needless Worry
HP 108 17-Apr-18 God Cares for You
HP 109 18-Apr-18 Expressions of God's Love
HP 110 19-Apr-18 Take God's Word on Trust
HP 111 20-Apr-18 Battles to Fight
HP 112 21-Apr-18 A Nominal Faith Not Sufficient
HP 113 22-Apr-18 Abundant Mercy
HP 114 23-Apr-18 Trust in Time of Trial
HP 115 24-Apr-18 Trust in Times of Affliction
HP 116 25-Apr-18 Trust When You Have Failed
HP 117 26-Apr-18 Trust in Time of Difficulty
HP 118 27-Apr-18 Trust When You Make Mistakes
HP 119 28-Apr-18 The Garden of God's Promises
HP 120 29-Apr-18 Feelings Not a Test
HP 121 30-Apr-18 The Sure Anchor of Faith
HP 122 01-May-18 The Heavenly Father's Claim
HP 123 02-May-18 Our Example in Obedience
HP 124 03-May-18 Building on Christ
HP 125 04-May-18 Obedience the Test of True Religion
HP 126 05-May-18 God's Word Our Guide and Counselor
HP 127 06-May-18 The Great Standard of Right and Wrong
HP 128 07-May-18 An Audience with the Most High
HP 129 08-May-18 Joy and Consolation
HP 130 09-May-18 A Safeguard Against the Enemy
HP 131 10-May-18 The Source of Wisdom
HP 132 11-May-18 How to Study the Bible
HP 133 12-May-18 A Divine Helper
HP 134 13-May-18 Heart Work
HP 135 14-May-18 The Highest Culture
HP 136 15-May-18 The Royal Path
HP 137 16-May-18 In Touch with the Infinite
HP 138 17-May-18 The Witness of the Spirit
HP 139 18-May-18 Sanctifying Power
HP 140 19-May-18 Freedom Through Christ
HP 141 20-May-18 God's Way, Not Mine
HP 142 21-May-18 The Highest Standard
HP 143 22-May-18 Loyal to God or to Men?
HP 144 23-May-18 God's Test of Loyalty
HP 145 24-May-18 "Remember the Sabbath Day"
HP 146 25-May-18 Day of Delight and Blessing
HP 147 26-May-18 The Measure of Responsibility
HP 148 27-May-18 The Impress of Heaven
HP 149 28-May-18 Filled With His Fullness
HP 150 29-May-18 Weighed in Heaven's Balances
HP 151 30-May-18 A Divine
HP 152 31-May-18 Blessings Unlimited
HP 153 01-Jun-18 Building with God
HP 154 02-Jun-18 The Battle for a Spiritual Mind
HP 155 03-Jun-18 Will Your Thoughts Bear Inspection?
HP 156 04-Jun-18 Keeping the Heart
HP 157 05-Jun-18 Christ in All Our Thoughts
HP 158 06-Jun-18 Security in Right Thinking
HP 159 07-Jun-18 In Harmony with God's Mind
HP 160 08-Jun-18 Like Christ in Thought
HP 161 09-Jun-18 Dare to be Different
HP 162 10-Jun-18 No Partnership with the World
HP 163 11-Jun-18 Severed from Earthly Things
HP 164 12-Jun-18 Disentangled
HP 165 13-Jun-18 The Vital Threads of Influence
HP 166 14-Jun-18 A Network of Virtuous Influences
HP 167 15-Jun-18 The Gold of Christian Character
HP 168 16-Jun-18 The Gift of Speech
HP 169 17-Jun-18 Educating the Tongue
HP 170 18-Jun-18 Don't Retaliate!
HP 171 19-Jun-18 Fragrant in Word
HP 172 20-Jun-18 Loyal to One Another
HP 173 21-Jun-18 The Power of Truthfulness
HP 174 22-Jun-18 Gracious Words
HP 175 23-Jun-18 Kind and Courteous Words
HP 176 24-Jun-18 No Sharp or Hasty Words
HP 177 25-Jun-18 Growing Up in Christ
HP 178 26-Jun-18 Don't be a Religious Dwarf
HP 179 27-Jun-18 "Unto a Perfect Man"
HP 180 28-Jun-18 Perfect in Your Sphere
HP 181 29-Jun-18 Revealing Christ's Likeness
HP 182 30-Jun-18 Christ's Abiding Presence
HP 183 01-Jul-18 The Christian's Pledge of Allegiance
HP 184 02-Jul-18 Total Commitment to God
HP 185 03-Jul-18 A Temple for God
HP 186 04-Jul-18 Caring for the Body Temple
HP 187 05-Jul-18 "Our Reasonable Service"
HP 188 06-Jul-18 The Test of Appetite
HP 189 07-Jul-18 The Battle for Purity
HP 190 08-Jul-18 Danger at Every Step
HP 191 09-Jul-18 Safeguarding the Moral Powers
HP 192 10-Jul-18 Crucifying the Flesh
HP 193 11-Jul-18 A Firm, Decisive "No"
HP 194 12-Jul-18 Complete Sanctification
HP 195 13-Jul-18 Our Supreme Obligation
HP 196 14-Jul-18 Marriage a Sacred Institution
HP 197 15-Jul-18 The Bonds of Wedlock
HP 198 16-Jul-18 Counsel to a Bride and Groom
HP 199 17-Jul-18 Take Marriage Problems to God
HP 200 18-Jul-18 Keeping Love Alive
HP 201 19-Jul-18 The Widening Circle of Love
HP 202 20-Jul-18 A Message to Parents
HP 203 21-Jul-18 The Home a School
HP 204 22-Jul-18 Training Our Children for Christ
HP 205 23-Jul-18 Preparing for Heaven's School
HP 206 24-Jul-18 Influence of Godly Parents
HP 207 25-Jul-18 The Family Altar
HP 208 26-Jul-18 Pattern for Children and Youth
HP 209 27-Jul-18 Children the Objects of God's Special Care
HP 210 28-Jul-18 A Message to Children
HP 211 29-Jul-18 A Message to Youth
HP 212 30-Jul-18 On Guard Against Satan
HP 213 31-Jul-18 "Is My Family Prepared to Meet the Lord?"
HP 214 01-Aug-18 We are God's Property
HP 215 02-Aug-18 All We Possess Comes From God
HP 216 03-Aug-18 The Debt We Owe
HP 217 04-Aug-18 A Time for Heart Searching
HP 218 05-Aug-18 Using Our Talents for God
HP 219 06-Aug-18 The Pathway of Sacrifice
HP 220 07-Aug-18 The Voice of Duty
HP 221 08-Aug-18 One Day at a Time
HP 222 09-Aug-18 Each in His Place
HP 223 10-Aug-18 Joy in Service
HP 224 11-Aug-18 Demonstrating Christ's Love
HP 225 12-Aug-18 Developing Self
HP 226 13-Aug-18 Overcoming Selfishness
HP 227 14-Aug-18 Living for Others
HP 228 15-Aug-18 Love the Impelling Motive
HP 229 16-Aug-18 Self Hidden in Christ
HP 230 17-Aug-18 The Precious Attribute of Meekness
HP 231 18-Aug-18 The Measure of a Man's Worth
HP 232 19-Aug-18 Mercy for the Merciful
HP 233 20-Aug-18 Waves of Blessing
HP 234 21-Aug-18 Streams in the Desert
HP 235 22-Aug-18 God Honors the Humble
HP 236 23-Aug-18 Faithful in Little Things
HP 237 24-Aug-18 Unbending Integrity
HP 238 25-Aug-18 Graces to Cherish
HP 239 26-Aug-18 Cheerfulness Without Levity
HP 240 27-Aug-18 "Longsuffering with Joyfulness"
HP 241 28-Aug-18 No Place for Discouragement
HP 242 29-Aug-18 Our Glorious Work
HP 243 30-Aug-18 Christ's Legacy of Peace
HP 244 31-Aug-18 Preparing to Meet Jesus
HP 245 01-Sep-18 The "Why" of Temptation
HP 246 02-Sep-18 Christ the Mighty Conqueror
HP 247 03-Sep-18 An Unseen Battle Over Every Soul
HP 248 04-Sep-18 Keep Off Satanic Ground
HP 249 05-Sep-18 Never Accept Satan's Dare
HP 250 06-Sep-18 Victory in the Mighty Name of Jesus
HP 251 07-Sep-18 No One Free from Temptation
HP 252 08-Sep-18 Perils on Life's Pathway
HP 253 09-Sep-18 Armed for the Conflict
HP 254 10-Sep-18 Resolute Will Essential for Victory
HP 255 11-Sep-18 As Steadfast As Daniel
HP 256 12-Sep-18 None Need Be Overcome
HP 257 13-Sep-18 Pressing Against the Current
HP 258 14-Sep-18 Jesus Our Advocate
HP 259 15-Sep-18 Under God's Discipline
HP 260 16-Sep-18 Tests All Along the Way
HP 261 17-Sep-18 The Polishing Process
HP 262 18-Sep-18 No Exemption from Sorrow
HP 263 19-Sep-18 Strength for Today
HP 264 20-Sep-18 When Faith is Tried
HP 265 21-Sep-18 Heaven's Honor Roll
HP 266 22-Sep-18 In the Hour of Grief
HP 267 23-Sep-18 Sweetness Through Affliction
HP 268 24-Sep-18 Clouds Will Pass
HP 269 25-Sep-18 Jesus Lights the Way
HP 270 26-Sep-18 I Press Toward the Mark
HP 271 27-Sep-18 "Be Strong"
HP 272 28-Sep-18 Overcoming Power
HP 273 29-Sep-18 We May Triumph Gloriously
HP 274 30-Sep-18 The Overcomer's Reward
HP 275 01-Oct-18 God's Church on Earth
HP 276 02-Oct-18 Members of God's Household
HP 277 03-Oct-18 Object of God's Tenderest Care
HP 278 04-Oct-18 "The Apple of His Eye"
HP 279 05-Oct-18 Fitting Up for Heaven's Mansions
HP 280 06-Oct-18 Loyal to the Family Name
HP 281 07-Oct-18 A Relationship of Interdependence
HP 282 08-Oct-18 One Brotherhood
HP 283 09-Oct-18 Helping One Another
HP 284 10-Oct-18 Living by the Golden Rule
HP 285 11-Oct-18 Help for the Erring
HP 286 12-Oct-18 Dealing with Evil Reports
HP 287 13-Oct-18 "Have Fervent Charity"
HP 288 14-Oct-18 Strength for the Weak
HP 289 15-Oct-18 A Helping Hand for the Despairing
HP 290 16-Oct-18 Courtesy Toward All
HP 291 17-Oct-18 Deliverance for the Oppressed
HP 292 18-Oct-18 Followers of the Lamb
HP 293 19-Oct-18 Ever Remember Your High Calling
HP 294 20-Oct-18 Christlike Through Self
HP 295 21-Oct-18 The Peril of Riches
HP 296 22-Oct-18 God's Prior Claims
HP 297 23-Oct-18 God's Plan for Support of His Work
HP 298 24-Oct-18 The Bible Rules for Giving
HP 299 25-Oct-18 Settle Your Accounts with Heaven
HP 300 26-Oct-18 "A Memorial Before God"
HP 301 27-Oct-18 Where Are Your Affections?
HP 302 28-Oct-18 Living Above the World
HP 303 29-Oct-18 The Church and the World
HP 304 30-Oct-18 "Be Not Conformed"
HP 305 31-Oct-18 Kept From the Evil
HP 306 01-Nov-18 Our Mission to the World
HP 307 02-Nov-18 Battling Moral Darkness
HP 308 03-Nov-18 "Arise, Shine"
HP 309 04-Nov-18 Light Revealed in the Life
HP 310 05-Nov-18 Light Bearers on the Way to Heaven
HP 311 06-Nov-18 Sowing the World with Truth
HP 312 07-Nov-18 The Most Powerful Argument
HP 313 08-Nov-18 No Boundary Lines
HP 314 09-Nov-18 Every Man Our Neighbor
HP 315 10-Nov-18 Before the Heavenly Universe
HP 316 11-Nov-18 Seekers for Truth
HP 317 12-Nov-18 A Work for Everyone
HP 318 13-Nov-18 Our Obligations to the Poor
HP 319 14-Nov-18 "Unto One of the Least of These"
HP 320 15-Nov-18 To the Glory of God
HP 321 16-Nov-18 Undaunted Courage
HP 322 17-Nov-18 The Gracious Invitation
HP 323 18-Nov-18 Hope for Lost Sinners
HP 324 19-Nov-18 Where God Leads
HP 325 20-Nov-18 God Gives the Increase
HP 326 21-Nov-18 "What Manner of Persons?"
HP 327 22-Nov-18 The Outpouring of the Spirit
HP 328 23-Nov-18 The Promise is For Us
HP 329 24-Nov-18 Deep Moving of the Spirit
HP 330 25-Nov-18 The Gift All May Possess
HP 331 26-Nov-18 Christ Accessible Through His Spirit
HP 332 27-Nov-18 The Latter Rain
HP 333 28-Nov-18 Echo the Message
HP 334 29-Nov-18 A World to be Warned
HP 335 30-Nov-18 Day of Triumph
HP 336 01-Dec-18 Crisis of the Ages
HP 337 02-Dec-18 Warning Messages
HP 338 03-Dec-18 A Time of Trouble
HP 339 04-Dec-18 "While He May Be Found"
HP 340 05-Dec-18 Probation's Closing Hour
HP 341 06-Dec-18 A Work of Preparation
HP 342 07-Dec-18 Our Sure Defense
HP 343 08-Dec-18 Beware of Satan's Delusions
HP 344 09-Dec-18 Truth Our Safeguard
HP 345 10-Dec-18 A Moment of Respite
HP 346 11-Dec-18 The Blessed Hope
HP 347 12-Dec-18 Victory Over Death
HP 348 13-Dec-18 Children of the Heavenly King
HP 349 14-Dec-18 If Christ Should Come Today
HP 350 15-Dec-18 Would You Be Ready?
HP 351 16-Dec-18 A Crown of Thorns
HP 352 17-Dec-18 Glory Indescribable
HP 353 18-Dec-18 Judge of the Whole World
HP 354 19-Dec-18 Justice Triumphant
HP 355 20-Dec-18 Life or Death?
HP 356 21-Dec-18 Too Late!
HP 357 22-Dec-18 Confessing our Faith
HP 358 23-Dec-18 The Soul Winner's Reward
HP 359 24-Dec-18 To See the King
HP 360 25-Dec-18 Glories of the Future World
HP 361 26-Dec-18 "Come, Ye Blessed"
HP 362 27-Dec-18 Longing for Heaven
HP 363 28-Dec-18 By the Tree of Life
HP 364 29-Dec-18 Breathing the Atmosphere of Heaven
HP 365 30-Dec-18 Joy Evermore
HP 366 31-Dec-18 Kingdom of Holy Love

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