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Tune Showcase: Caddo

Categories: Hymnody Music

Metre: Common Metre (
Composer: William Bradbury

William Bachelder Bradbury (USA, 1816-1868). Born at York, ME, he was raised on his father’s farm, with rainy days spent in a shoe-shop, the custom in those days. He loved music and spent spare hours practicing any music he could find. In 1830 the family moved to Boston, where he first saw and heard an organ and piano, and other instruments. He became an organist at 15. He attended Dr. Lowell Mason’s singing classes, and later sang in the Bowdoin Street church choir…


The tune Caddo is found in the following hymnals:

1888 Hymns and Tunes
– Hymns 644-646

1908 Christ in Song
– Hymn #181, Give Thy Youth To God

This tune is not found in the later hymnals: Church Hymnal (1941) and The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal (1985).


O Blest Are They Who Oft Have Said (Caddo)

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