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The Purpose of Attraction

Categories: Psychology

For the purpose of this discourse, please visualize a mango at five different stages: Stage 1 will be the mango in a green, unready state; Stage 5 will be the fully ripened mango, ready for consumption. This will essentially represent the mango at different stages of maturity.

At Stage 5, the skin of the mango is a healthy, radiant yellow: indicating that it is ready to be consumed. While it is more attractive than the other stages, its attraction has a *function*: to indicate that it is mature, and safe to consume. (You won’t want to consume a mango at Stage 1: your mouth will itch, and you may get stomach cramps.)

It’s important to note that attraction, with mangoes, isn’t rushed at all. The burden of fruits – in general – is to take the time to mature, to be wholesome and nutritious; then the skin *naturally* indicates what’s inside.

Attraction, in countless cases in the human sphere, is unnatural and forced. Three-piece suits are used to convey strength and integrity, when there is only cowardice and greed. Cosmetics are used to project happiness and purity, when there is only brokenness and compromise.

We can (always) learn something from mangoes:

  • Be real about where you truly are. If you’re at Stage 1, don’t project a Stage 3 appearance.
  • Focus, day-by-day, on becoming mature. For humans: Restore your spiritual, mental and physical health.
  • When the time is right, and when we least expect it, what people see on the outside will truly match what exists on the inside.

(Character Matters.)

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