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“Drums, Rock, and Worship” by Karl Tsatalbasidis

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“Drums, Rock, and Worship” by Karl Tsatalbasidis

Before I was baptized, I was a drummer. When I joined the church, I also played drums in the early years… but the Spirit has steadily convicted me about the inappropriateness of drums in worship.

As you explore this publication, I’d like you to keep two things in mind.

First, what God deems acceptable in worship is not based on our own feelings or beliefs: it is (most assuredly) the other way around. While playing drums was comfortable for me, following God’s ways meant making hard decisions. Though it was tough (calling for sacrifice and change), my testimony is that it was definitely for the best.

Secondly, let your decisions be based on solid evidence. Since God does not change, is going to be important that our opinions are based on tracing God’s way of treating with the issues in the past. How drums makes us feel is not evidence – it is *information*. We should trace the origins of various instruments, critically analyze the history, and make choices that are in accordance with the wonderful counsel of Scripture.

Many of us have been exposed to tertiary-level education. At this level, the research-based discipline informs us that historical proof should be the consistency of our arguments, rather than how we feel, or even what is happening at present.

This book gives great historical information. Let us consider it, measure it up with God’s high standards, and make the right choices.

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