Project: UniversityPath



A companion website for University students.

UniversityPath’s primary goal is to provide tools and services that assist university-level students in their academic pursuits.

UniversityPath features:

  • The BookTrader, which allows users to buy, sell or rent used textbooks.
  • The Calendar keeps users informed of public holidays, site updates and important institution events. A customized list is sent to each user weekly.
  • The Blog shares important information and tips to aid users in their academic preparations. Also features poetry!
  • The USC Portal is customized for students of the University of the Southern Caribbean. It allows students to archive and track their courses, consolidate their courses with their degrees, and calculate/project their grade point averages.

The UniversityPath Website is hoping to expand to other academic institutions of the Caribbean in the future.

You can find UniversityPath at

UniversityPath's has its own Facebook page... you can find that here.


Book Trader

The premier site for trading used textbooks!


Information, poetry and more.


Important dates are featured. A customized list is also sent via email.

USC Portal

Customized portal for students of the University of the Southern Caribbean.

USC Portal - Course Manager

Allows students to archive their courses. Also features the ability to track each course's grade during the semester.

USC Portal - Degree Viewer

Matches courses with the student's degree. Indicates completed/incomplete requirements using color codes.

USC Portal - GPA Calculator

Calculates academic Grade Point Averages per semester. Features useful graphs and charts.

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