“A Quiet Place”


January 2017: 40-day Fast

From 01-Jan-2017 to 09-Feb-2017

About “A Quiet Place”

“A Quiet Place” is a section of this site dedicated to hosting periodic fasting events, and sharing the Gospel via devotional readings, Scripture, and counsels from the Spirit of Prophecy.

This section of the site is dedicated to sharing the readings from fasts. Some persons fast from Facebook as well (which we do encourage), and this site will afford them a way of accessing the readings without engaging Facebook. It also serves as an archive for the posts.

The individuals who have participated in the fasts continue to mention how much of a spiritual breakthrough the fasting experience is. We typically remove the non-essential secular influences for 40 days, replacing them with spiritual alternatives - increased prayer time, reading portions of the Bible, making healthy choices, and increasing missionary activities.

If you've never done one before, we suggest that you try one... whether it's with us, or by yourself. The spiritual strength you receive will be a huge blessing.

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“Get wisdom... get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7)